13 Times Americans Didn’t Sound Very Smart

I know that every country on Earth has really dumb people, but there’s something a little more hilarious about American stupidity for some reason.

Well, at least that’s the way I feel about it. And yes, for the record, I am an American.

So let’s laugh at ourselves, shall we?

Take a look at these shining examples of when Americans didn’t sound very bright.

1. This is a pretty dumb comment, I think!

Do you agree with me?

”USA is less racist than those Scandinavian ethnostates” from ShitAmericansSay

2. Right…sounds like exactly what’s going on.

I mean, have you heard about all those awful doctors in Canada?

But your doctors are imbecile from ShitAmericansSay

3. They’re too poor for it.

Just got an awesome history lesson. Thanks!

European countries don’t have elections as they are too poor to pay for the patent rights from ShitAmericansSay

4. I love the comment back to them.

Take that!

"In no universe does 40 relate to high" from ShitAmericansSay

5. She is totally right on this one.

Not to mention brilliant!

It Foreign from ShitAmericansSay

6. I like how they spelled gratitude “greatitude”.

Kind of a cool new word, right?

Why don’t other countries like Canada and Europe fly our flags? Don’t they have a little bit of gratitude towards us? from ShitAmericansSay

7. You sound pretty stupid, my friend!

It’s pretty common everywhere.

"no one says today is 14th of march…" from ShitAmericansSay

8. You might have been the first ones here!

Hell yeah! Nice work!

my ancestors are AMERICAN and they came from AMERICA from ShitAmericansSay

9. God, I really love it when this happens.

And it happens more often than you’d think!

Norwegian flag taken down from ShitAmericansSay

10. Definitely not North American.

Wait a second…slow down…

North American? Drake is from Canada,it’s up North but not American from ShitAmericansSay

11. We get first pick.

Are you 5-years-old? Also, you’re wrong.

"We invented cars, we get first pick" from ShitAmericansSay

12. I bet they really love this.

You’re doing great work!

“I find myself educating the locals…” from ShitAmericansSay

13. You just can’t handle our freedom.

Love it or leave it! You got it? Okay, good!

"Look, not everyone can handle the freedom but that’s nothing to be ashamed about" from ShitAmericansSay

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us about the dumbest things you’ve ever heard people say.

We look forward to it! Thanks!