14 “Blessed” Images That Were Made To Make You Smile

If you’re poking around the depths of the internet, you probably don’t have to try too hard to find things that make your skin crawl or make you want to hurl humanity into the pit of despair for good.

Less often, we find spots that glow with brightness. They’re happy things, wholesome things, sweet things, and I think after the past couple of years we all need that more than we know.

If you’re in the mood for exactly that, we’ve got 14 images we’re sure are going to deliver.

14. This is a romcom waiting to happen.

Seriously I need someone to write it immediately.

blessed_toadgiver from blessedimages

13. The happiest boi.

I wish that I could bonk him directly.

Blessed_Bonk from blessedimages

12. I can haz snacks too?

Look how muddy he’s gotten I love it.

Blessed_duck from blessedimages

11. I love that he just runs around like a cat.

You must give him snacks. Those are the rules.

Blessed Guinea Pig from blessedimages

10. That is the best use of a rug I’ve ever seen.

He does indeed look chuffed.

Blessed_Rug from blessedimages

9. I honestly had no idea this was a thing.

I’m really not sure we should be eating cows, y’all.

blessed_sit from blessedimages

8. It’s uncanny, really.

But I’d much rather pet the dog.

blessed_mimic from blessedimages

7. Just like a child.

It’s all about that Christmas magic.

Blessed_forgetfulcat from blessedimages

6. Everyone in that class was blessed, really.

What an absolute treat.

blessed_substitute from blessedimages

5. I mean look at that face.

He’s got so many reasons to wag his tail.

Blessed_Happines Overdose from blessedimages

4. There are people willing to help other people.

Adam here is walking, talking proof.

blessed_billboard from blessedimages

3. This will just give you the best kind of chills.

See, there are still good people out there, y’all!

blessed_community from blessedimages

2. This man is living my dream.

He must have a really special heart.

Blessed Owl from blessedimages

1. That’s a dad joke right there.

Not a terrible one, either, as these things go.

Blessed turban from blessedimages

How are you feeling? I’m actually smiling, and not because I’m reminding myself to!

Which of these really got you in your “awwww” spot? Let us know in the comments!