14 Cringe-Worthy Sign Fails Have Us Feeling Very Human

Image credit: Reddit

When you run a business, it’s all about building your brand. And one of the best ways to do that is through your logo and your signage.

There’s nothing worse than when something goes wrong–it seems like it could cost you a lot of money to do over. Some businesses choose to live with it rather than paying to have it redone.

And who can blame them. When you mess up your only job, how do we know you’ll get it right the second time?

Here are 14 classic examples of cringe-worthy sign fails from the subreddit r/NotMyJob.

1. Welcome to the Upside-Down

It’s fine as long as they can read it, right?

Signs up, Boss!
byu/rebexca16ansell inNotMyJob

2. Still needs Spanish

But at least they know their weaknesses, I guess.

Grocery aisle sign reads 'fruit snacks' and then underneath 'need Spanish'.

Image credit: r/NotMyJob via Pleated Jeans

3. Which came first?

Either way, the signs might be the easiest part to fix.

I did my job boss
byu/SecludeLemur inNotMyJob

4. Levitate here to see how you measure up

No cheating now.

Giraffe holding a ruler to measure kids was installed on the wrong wall at the mall, so the ruler is on the wrong side of a barrier, where there is a drop to the floor below.

Image credit: r/NotMyJob via Pleated Jeans

5. Nothing to see here. Just a paint store.

You might have to read it again.

Paint store sign uses a paint roller in place of the P and from a distance it looks like an inappropriate word instead of paint.

Image credit: r/NotMyJob via Pleated Jeans

6. Watermelons for everyone

This one is maybe not the sign’s fault.

Stocked the watermelon bin, boss
byu/jrick1981 inNotMyJob

7. 20 years experience

Will accept years worked in childhood and earlier.

Sign: Cashier wanted. Must be 18-years-old with 20 years experience.

Image credit: r/NotMyJob via Pleated Jeans

8. Here we go again

They did their best.

Put up the prices boss
byu/GermanShitox inNotMyJob

9. When you can’t tell your Rock from a Vin on the ground

Bald action stars everywhere are taking offense.

Image credit: r/NotMyJob via Pleated Jeans

10. Nothing is impossible

Even reading white paint on a white background.
Try harder.

Sign is meant to say 'Nothing is impossible' but the 'im' is written in white on a white background, so it appears to say 'Nothing is possible.'

Image credit: r/NotMyJob via Pleated Jeans

11. Sneaking in is welcome!

Honestly, maybe it’s a hidden message to scrappy local teens in need of wholesome mischief.

My local drive in last night
byu/gusonthebus_ inNotMyJob

12. Upside-down again

These things really need to come with ‘this way up’ markers.

Another upside down sign.

Image credit: r/NotMyJob via Pleated Jeans

13. Sometimes they have instructions

But you still have to read them.

Its probably not a big deal anyways dude
byu/leftHandedFootball inNotMyJob

14. And make sure they’re facing the right way round

Quick tip: road signs should face the road.

Re-installed the speed limit sign facing our backyard, instead of the highway.
byu/AnalRapist69 inNotMyJob

These mistakes are absolutely cringe-worthy, but what can you do?

We’re all just doing our best, even when the best we have to offer isn’t the best we’re capable of.

Have you seen any great sign mishaps?

Share them in the comments.