14 Fun Facts No One Needs To Know…But That You’ll Definitely Want To Hear

We’re sort of experts on facts around here, and what’s so fun about them is that there are just so many categories to choose from – they’re seemingly endless, right?

If I had to choose a personal favorite type of fact, though, it would be the ones that fall into the “useless but fascinating” category. You know, the things you’ll absolutely never need to know but are still thrilled to have learned?

If you love them too, get excited – we’ve got 14 good ones coming up.

14. Two and stop.

The average human head will pop off with three full turns.

13. What does it smell like, though?

You can smell your own lungs. Your brain just filters it out.

12. I mean, you gotta do it.

In starship trooper, the actors agreed to do the coed shower scene only if the director got naked with them and he did.

The more you learn about Paul Verhoeven, the more it all tracks.

11. Sign me up.

The potato was once so undesirable that even the poor of Europe wanted nothing to do with it.

They believed ot caused leprosy, sterilization, and an over active sex drive.

10. Poor lady octopi.

Octopus detaches and throws a modified arm penis covered with sperm at their mate.

And you thought unsolicited pictures were bad…

“Look, a pretty girl! Quick, fire your dick at her!”

9. That tracks.

The man who killed John Wilkes Booth cut off his own testicles with scissors

Before if I remember right. He was hyper religious and slept with a prostitute. To punish himself he ✂️

8. You’ve gotta have a knee.

There’s a surgery called a rotationoplasty where they remove the middle of your leg, then re-attach the foot (backwards) to your thigh so that your ankle can be your new knee for a prosthetic leg.

Seems gross but it really improves the quality of life over the other option, which is no knee at all.

7. This makes me laugh.

“Louie Louie” was a #2 hit in 1963 for The Kingsmen. The vocals were so garbled and slurred, rumors spread that the lyrics were dirty. The FBI investigated the song on suspicion of violating obscenity laws. After two years, they decided the lyrics were “unintelligible at any speed.”

Somehow, they missed the drummer yelling “Fuck!” at 0:54

6. Do they give you heartburn, though?

1 field mouse has the caloric equivalent of 2 pizza rolls .

5. You mean it can’t?

Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person to correctly conclude that a human erection is caused by blood. Before him, everybody thought that it was air, and that a strong breeze could cause an erection.


Edit* I guess I should have phrased that differently lol. People used to think that erections were ‘powered’ by air, rather than blood.

4. Nope. Don’t like that.

The speed at which an insect can run is limited by its leg length.

Cockroaches have hind legs which are longer than the front four legs.

In some cockroach species, when running at full speed over flat ground, the front four legs leave the ground. The cockroach’s body acts like an aeroplane wing, flying just above the ground, kicking along with its back legs.

3. I don’t want to know how people found this out.

Penguin eggs turn transparent when hard boiled.

2. I refuse to believe it.

Ground cinnamon is technically sawdust

1. Thanks, I love it.

The world’s largest tire producer by total number of tires made is Lego.

Yep, definitely learned some new useless bits I’m going to cherish forever.

What’s your favorite “fun” fact that no one needs to know? Please tell us more in the comments!