15 People and the Fun Facts About Themselves They Rarely Share

There are some fun facts about ourselves that we get to share often, because they’re work or personal skills, or we’re meeting new people, or what have you.

There are other fun things about ourselves, though, that don’t make the headlines – we don’t usually share them unless people ask, and it just never comes up.

If you’re wondering what exactly I mean, these 15 people have some pretty sweet secrets.

15. I’m impressed.

I hardly ever bend over to pick up things when I’m at home.

I almost exclusively use my toes and pick things up with my feet.

I’m really really good at it too.

14. Oooh, and a bonus interesting fact!

I was on an episode of Jerry Springer back in the day. I saw my episode on TV a few years later and it might be the cringiest thing I’ve ever done/seen. The trip was a blast though.

Also, I have 4 nipples. Those 2 things are unrelated though.

13. There’s just not a humble way to bring that up.

I worked really hard studying for the SATs back in the day, and I raised my score from 1100 to 1540 out of 1600.

I’m proud of that, but I can’t exactly go around bragging.

12. This is honestly a lot to process.

When I was 7 I stepped on a pop can while barefoot and cut my big toe off.

The last 2 trainers I’ve had at my job both committed suicide.

The woman I had my first serious relationship with is now in jail for murder.

11. Kindergarten was rough for this kid.

I have never been able to hold a pen or pencil properly.

The proper way never feels natural.

Despite aids an intense efforts, everybody eventually gave up and let me hold a pen the way it feels natural to me.

10. I don’t know if this is impressive, or…something else.

I just have to see Frans outfit to tell you which The Nanny episode it is and to give you a short recap of it.

9. Dumb or Dumber?

On my first-ever proper high-school date I had a mild gastro bug and literally sh%t about a gallon of diarrhea in my jeans when I politely moved away from her to fart.

Or what I thought was a fart.

It got worse. I tried to clean up but the back of my jeans were literally soaked through. I nervously sorta rejoined the group we were with and stood well back and said something about not feeling too well, and that I might get the train home. To my horror she says “I think I’ve had enough too, I’ll come with you”.

She sat next to me for 45 mins on the train and never mentioned the stench, as I slowly died a thousand deaths.

Sorry Anne-Marie.

8. I obviously need to know what it was called now.

I used to have a really popular fan fiction account on Archive of Our Own, my top post got something like 30,000 views.

I just went back and read them, and I am confused as to how they were so successful.

7. Probably lots of people can do this though.

I can identify major credit card brands by their first digit, thanks to a seasonal job I had 11 years ago.

4 is Visa, 5 is MasterCard, 6 is Discover. AmEx starts with 3, which will always be followed by either 4 or 7. AmEx cards also have fewer digits but longer security codes.

I also just set my keys down and don’t know where they are. So I guess a fun fact about myself is that my short term and working memory are absolute trash, but I have a pretty great long term memory.

6. You know these are real people, and yet you never expect to meet them.

I was not the father on a popular trash tv show, I didn’t jump for joy or try to hog the camera. I came in knowing that it was extremely unlikely that the child was mine took the test for peace of mind and went home.

I don’t tell people because in hindsight it was extremely embarrassing for me. I had to share a stage with a lot more guys than I was expecting, some of which were total scumbags. The company she kept made me ask myself a lot of questions.

5. I guess that wouldn’t often come up in conversation.

I was diagnosed with anhidrosis, which is the inability to sweat normally.

It’s rare, so not many people hear about it.

Now, when I say I can’t sweat, I mean that I can’t sweat like the average human.

If I actually couldn’t sweat at all, that would mean I would have to live in a care facility and be constantly monitored.

4. This guy is why there are warning labels on literally everything.

I ate a glowstick.

3. Someday you will meet your match.

I know all the lyrics to It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.

Please, no autographs.

2. But why though.

I made homemade explosives my first year in college with simple household ingredients. I stopped the night I was nearly caught, like I had suddenly realized that what I was doing was not a simple prank.

I think about that every now and again when someone says that people are not fully formed adults until later in their twenties.

1. Any excuse not to run, I guess.

When I was born, one of my ribs split close to my heart and instead of healing properly, the rib twisted around itself and ossified that way. Think of how you cross your fingers and that’s a pretty close approximation.

Sadly, this has warped the muscle around the area and if I do anything too physically exerting I start to get sharp, stabbing pains in my heart. The strange thing is that it only happens with certain exercise like running, whereas I can cycle and swim without any issue.

I guess that means I can commit to only 2/3’s of a triathlon!

I definitely have a few of these, most of which no one would care to hear. Ha!

What’s a fun fact about yourself that you rarely get to share? Hit us with it in the comments!