14 Funny Posts That Just Need a Moment of Your Time Today

In this on-the-go, fifteen-things-at-once, social media driven, lightning-fast world we live in, people have definitely decided they prefer their humor like everything else – in bite-sized, easily-digested chunks.

Twitter is perfect for the brief and poignant zinger, because it already has a character limit – but these 14 people are so succinct, most of them don’t even need all of those!

14. If you get it, you’re of a certain age.

And you are my people.

13. It really does think a lot of itself.

There are many purposes it’s not good for, it turns out.

12. Now why would you want to go and do that?

Cool people take away all of the fun stuff.

11. Is it, though?

I’m glad this is a joke. I’m assuming.

10. Perhaps not, but it’s also not unhelpful.

In the event of an anomaly, you’re going to be alive! Yay!

9. They think he’s the Batman.

That might be even weirder.

8. Well it is winter.

I’m sure they’ll be back to visit (and die) in the spring.

7. It really is a diverse brand.

I never really thought about it until now.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

6. Age comes for us all.

Embrace the audiobook, oldie.

5. Somebody hit the nail on the head.

Like a bunch of times in a row.

4. Spaghetti choses violence every single time.

That goes double for those meatballs.

3. Suddenly it all makes sense.

Some people just lead charmed lives, I suppose.

2. When you’re the perfect treat, you’re the perfect treat.

I just wish it wasn’t so hard to find a good one.

1. I’m not sure it’s ever gonna happen.

Time will tell.

Pithy and to-the-point; I love it!!

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