14 Images That You Can’t Stop Looking At

With all of the choices of pictures on the internet that are out there to share, this one Instagram account has decided to dedicate itself to sharing the images that will make people want to turn around and go the other way.

It’s called I Want To Leave Now OK, and their images are…uncomfortable to say the least. They’re pictures that just aren’t quite right, and once you scroll these 14 you’ll see exactly what I mean.

14. Patrick?

Anyone who grew up watching Spongebob isn’t shocked.

13. The button won’t click.

What do you just want to bet.

12. An actual fossil.

Just when you were telling yourself you’re not that old.

11. Oooh hate that moment for him.

Can definitely wait until it happens to me again.

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10. This would send a toddler to therapy.

Possibly for life.

9. Not just a single tear but two.

I refuse to believe this wasn’t planned on purpose.

8. Cats doing civil disobedience.

We should take so many lessons from cats, actually.

7. I can never unsee this.

It’s going to live in my nightmares.

6. I mean I would close the gate.

You never know what might come crawling out of there.

5. Someone forgot to edit their print file.

That is a little uncomfortable to look at, though.

4. Sometimes evolution takes awhile to catch up.

It always does eventually. Beware the intelligent gators.

3. The zombie apocalypse is here.

Or that dog is going through a serious goth phase.

2. She’s very concerned with what she’s seeing.

I’m guessing that’s an appropriate reaction.

1. Well that’s just rude.

We all know that but you didn’t have to put it on a sign.

Y’all, I do not understand why people would do this to us – or why we would keep coming back for more.

If you’ve got some psychological insight on this one, drop it in the comments!