14 People Admit the Companies They’d Like to See Go Bankrupt

Well, this is definitely going to be an interesting conversation.

Because if there’s one thing that usually gets people really fired up, it’s the companies that make their blood boil.

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. MLMs.

“Amway and other MLMs in existence.

They ruined a lot of lives by giving people the false hope of financial security, driving people into debt and eventually bankruptcy.

They definitely need a taste of their own medicine. Shut them all down!”

2. Disgusting.


It’s not even the fees. They racketeer the market by making everything a resale gouging market.

It’s disgusting they are allowed to do this.”

3. Like the mafia.

“College Board.

We called them the “Higher Education Mafia” when my kids were applying to college.

AP test, SAT Subject tests, SATs, then all the fees to send the scores to schools you’re applying too.

If you don’t do what the mafia wants, you don’t get into college, period!”

4. Crazy.


They’re the only so called religion that changes a membership fee and makes its members buy every book written by its founder, which can cost thousands.

Christians aren’t forced to buy the Bible and if they do buy one, it’s not going to break the bank.”

5. Predators.

“Those payday loan companies.

How does anybody sleep at night taking advantage of desperate people in such an insidious fashion?”

6. Whoa.

“I worked for Nestle.

I made a joke about having rather take all my meds than come to work that day. Someone overheard me and I had the police called on me by them.

I was in the psych unit for three days over a joke, and given a written warning when I came back.

F**k Nestle.”

7. Huge influence.


People really need to understand the massive influence that FIFA has in the governmental decisions of the developing world.

Evil evil organization that steals from people in their moments of greatest need.”

8. Interesting.

“Autism Speaks.

I’m tired of them being regarded experts in autism.

They don’t know what they’re doing.”

9. Bring the fees down.


A nice bankruptcy to bring their astronomical fees back down to within reason.”

10. Terrible.


Especially when they’ve been accused of using lead based dyes in their clothes, super cheap sweatshops and being the worst kind of fast fashion trash generators.

SheIn is terrible”

11. Done with them.


For sure.

I used to do customer service for them and it made me never want their product.”

12. Collusion.

“Data providers and ISPs in general (in the U.S. anyway).

They all collude so that everyone has their own “territory” so they don’t actually have to compete and can keep prices super high.”

13. You hear a lot about them…


Diamonds are the most boring excuse for a precious gem that there has ever been.”

14. Scandalous.


In the 1980s during peak HIV/AIDS crisis they realized they had a lot of tainted blood. Instead of disposing of it they decided to sell it to 3rd world countries instead.”

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