14 People Opened up and Shared How They Got Their Scars

Most of us have at least a few scars on our bodies.

Maybe they’re from doing dumb stuff when we were kids. Or riskier stuff when we got a little bit older.

Or maybe they’re from a surgery or a freak accident that had nothing to do with you being reckless.

Whatever the case, every scar tells a story.

AskReddit users talked about how they got the scars on their bodies.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Bad move.

“Dad gave me a folding knife for Christmas

I read online that you could flick it open with one hand

So I practiced it, after my hands were greasy from eating a burger.”

2. I’m fine!

“I have a big scar on my wrist that makes it look like I once had a serious lust to end my own life.

It’s actually from opening a can of corned beef.”

3. Bike wreck.

“I fell off my bike when I was learning to ride and cut myself on the neck with a piece of metal scrap that was between the grass.

It’s not a big scar by any means, but it’s definitely difficult to hide. Now whenever I meet someone new and I see them staring at my scar, I tell them not to worry, that it happened when someone tried to k**l me, and when I see their reaction, I tell them the truth.

It’s always funny to see how different people react to that joke.”

4. Whoa.

“Some a**hole kid decided to light up a firecracker and put a container made of glass.

So it shattered and I got my fingers cut by it.

Got 15 stitches and a scar and also can’t straighten that finger on its own.”

5. Gotta be careful.

“I was young skiing for maybe the third time. Wearing my grandpa’s very old ski goggles.

I face planted going pretty fast, goggles broke into my nose-bridge and forehead. Blood everywhere, had to pull pieces of plastic out of my face.

Still have a scar between my eyebrows.”

6. Thrashin’!

“At 12 years old I bombed a hill skateboarding while being jet lagged and not sleeping.

Made the hill just fine, once I turned onto the sidewalk I went for an extra push and just fell off, resulting in a compound fracture on my left arm.

Got a nice 8 inch scar from it!”

7. Been through the wringer.

“I’ve got one on my left hand; I dropped an engine block + transmission on it. Engine crane decided to give in.

Also have one under my left foot. We had a water fight at school when I was about 5-7. This fight was on grass so obviously it got wet after awhile. I was running and tried to change direction, but my (bare) foot ran out of traction and I did a skid. Right over a twigz which cut my foot.

Also have one on my chin, happened twice on the same spot. In my local water park, there’s a bridge crossing a connecting funnel from the kiddie pool to the big boy pool.

This funnel is maybe 150cm wide, so my genius 5y/o brain decided it’d be a cool idea to skip the bridge and jump over the water literally next to said bridge. I failed, as only my toes made the jump. The rest of my body slid across the tiles and fell down, and smashed my chin on the piece where my toes landed. Got a scar from it.

A few years later, in the very same water park, I got hit on the same spot in a different way. I did a handstand in the big boy pool. This was not smart since the wave machine was active. My balance suddenly got ruined by a wave so I stopped the handstand.

But as physics do, this meant I was now going head first into the pool floor, hitting my chin on the floor. So that’s a scar with two stories.”

8. Ouch!

“A knife fell two stories into the back of my hand on a building site.

I kicked a laminated surface and split my toe in half horizontally.

I fell of a wall and cracked my head open on a rock.”

9. Sounds very painful.

“Crashed my bicycle with around 40km/h while turning into a side road. I basically decelerated mostly by rubbing the lower inside of my mouth on the ground.

My hands looked like wolverine since I had rubbed away my skin between the knuckles (non f**king Idea how that happened) and my left hand had one spot on the inside where I could see my flesh.”

10. Do your job!

“Car accident. Rolled down the side of a mountain.

Had to beg the hospital staff to look at my back wound that was dripping blood on the floor before they finally realized I needed stitches and should not be trying to get me out the door.”

11. A big tick.

“I had a tick (small parasite that latches onto your skin) on my chest when I was young and didn’t realize.

Got to be the size of a grape from sucking my blood before someone pulled it off. That’s a big tick for those not familiar.”

12. Accident-prone.

“One on my wrist from breaking it, same incident left a scar on my knee, they had to dig rocks out. Bicycle

Scar on my elbow, skateboarding incident, needed stitches but I ripped it open so wide they couldn’t

I decided to drift a Bicycle at 30 mph, on a dirt road. Handle bars did a little wobble and smacked either side of my gut. I have a scar on each side of my stomach from that.

Little one next to my lip, facplanted on ice.

Pulling my dirt bike into the shed when the door closed. I rammed my hand in between the clutch lever and door. Keep in mind the clutch lever was broken. It opened right up.”

14. Jeez.

“Got glassed in the hand during a bar fight.

Basically what happened was some random man was in a heated argument with a woman in my peripheral vision.

Suddenly, he violently raised his glass to take a swing at her and I instinctively grabbed the glass. He smashed the back of my hand through a light fixture and the pint glass directly into my palm.

It blew a fuse and all the lights in the pub went out – everybody cheered thinking we had a power cut.

I could feel something warm running down my arm and dripping onto my shoes and that’s when I knew I was in trouble.

Went outside and had a massive shard of glass just embedded into the palm of my hand and I was just leaking blood everywhere.

Someone called an ambulance and I got stitched up – couldn’t use my hand properly for the next 6 months and had to have physio – doctor said another half mm or so and I would’ve lost use of 2 fingers.

So I didn’t win the fight but I did stop him from glassing the lady in the face.

A victory all the same!”

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