14 People Share the Cool Fact About Themselves That Rarely Comes up in Conversation

We all have our quirks. Some of them are fun, others less so, but unless the right conversation strikes, with the right people at the right time, we don’t often get to share.

Which is what makes Reddit so great, don’t you think?

Without it, these 14 people’s fun personal facts would still be malingering in the dark, just gathering dust!

14. Sheldon Cooper, is that you?

I can recognize every single country’s flag.

I might not know where it is, their language or culture, but I can tell you which flag belongs to who no matter what

13. Or it’s just a meaningless fluke.

I have an extra bone in my feet, kind of where my ankle is.

I figure I’m either more or less evolved than you guys idk.

12. There’s a feather in your cap!

I have one of the rarest genetic combos in the world, red hair and blue eyes.

11. He should be getting double the work done, then!

I’m almost completely ambidextrous. I can use both hands in everything except writing, thats where only my left works.

Any job i do i just switch between using each hand like painting, scrubbing, working, sports you name it.

10. This sounds like a movie.

My crazy family. All my relatives, distant or not have something crazy about them.

I should mention like some have been murdered or have some fame or anything else.

9. That must be annoying.

I see long streaks of light whenever I see a light source, it gets particularly bad at night to the point I get mad thinking someone has their brights on when in reality it’s just super bright Led headlights.

My eye doctor said it might be a mix of astigmatism and my pupil being slightly elongated.

8. I think this is called OCD.

I always have to “balance” things relative to my body. If I’m walking and my left foot steps on a crack, I have to “balance” it by having my right foot step on the same exact crack from the same angle. If I’m in bed with a pillow under my head and my left ear touches the pillow, I have to balance it out with my right ear. So on and so forth.

It was much more irritating when I was young because I had less control and would always have to “balance” sensations even if it was in a social situation where it would be awkward. I had to force myself to let these things happen and now I can sometimes let it go if I can’t “balance” things without people noticing lol

7. …how?

I can lick my elbow.

6. I remember nothing from more than 4 years ago.

I have a pretty sharp long term memory. I can remember the small details that others tend to skip.

My friends and family kinda feel freak out and somewhat amazed whenever I added specific infos (what’s song was playing on the background, what color was a specific stuff, what’s the name of a dog that we met a long time ago, what did a person say exactly, etc).

I can retell a conversation happened years ago with the exact words used. I have to lessen it though, it makes people creep out. Lol

5. I have a lot of questions.

I have a weird phobia of things that weren’t supposed to move enveloping/entrapping me.

Like, Styrofoam particles moving with a breeze on the ground?

Completely terrifying for me.

4. Not one, but half.

I have half a testicle.

3. It’s easy to forget some things.

I was a college radio DJ. Had a show.

I always forget that, so very few of my current friends know. Like…2.

And I mean I seriously forget it. I’ll find myself wondering if I packed enough into those years and completely overlook that part.

2. That took a turn.

Had I been born a day earlier, I would have the same birthday as my father and paternal grandfather. I guess you could say I’ve been a disappointment longer than what I can remember.

1. Adulthood is rough.

That life has felt empty and aimless since sometime in high school. I felt I couldn’t tell anyone because thats how everyone felt right? Then I’m just a complainer and wasting their time.

I had nothing g to be depressed about any way. I recently opened up to my fiance and with his help, I’ve accepted that I needed help.

I have a therapist now and am taking meds and continuing sessions. It helped me to realize that it was never normal and that I can be so much more. Im happier then ever and im still getting better!

What’s a fun fact about yourself that you usually keep to yourself?

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