14 People Share The Things They Really Wish They Didn’t Know

Did you ever find something out that you immediately wished you could un-hear, un-read- or un-learn? I think we’ve all been there a time or two, especially since the internet became a thing, but as much as we want to, we can’t forget.

These 14 people have stumbled across knowledge they really wished they didn’t have, but since there’s no going back now, they’re going to pass the awful onto all of us.

14. I feel like there is more to this story.

My mother thinks that I consider her husband to be my father. She doesn’t know that my biological father and I have known each other for many years, and I am much closer to him than to my mother.

Sounds like the plot of a Brazilian drama, lol.

13. This needs to be reported.

The detective of my local police dept lets evidence rot or disappear in storage when it has anything to do with one unspecified gang.

12. No secrets here.

That my uncle didn’t die in an accident. He blew his brains out. My mom is a bit of a sitcom-esque idiot who thinks if the door is closed we can’t hear her talking in a normal voice on the other side five feet away.

Heard her on the phone talking to other relatives about what happened.

11. I doubt anyone is surprised.

That my sous chef sells drugs in the kitchen, on the clock.

17 years in the in industry… not surprised at all. However, the dishwashers probably have a better quality and cheaper hookup.

10. I’m sorry but this is hilarious.

My dad has only one “working nut” my mom and sister got into a big fight while drunk and my mom told my sister that she “came from her dad’s bad nut.”

9. This hurts my heart.

In the early 2000’s, my mother was incredibly sick. For the first handful of years of my life she was mostly bedridden, although she eventually got better in the mid 2000’s.

One day when I was like 8 though, I was rummaging through her closet and happened upon an older notebook, a diary of sorts. I cracked it open to find page after page describing the pain she was in due to her illness and how she really just wanted to die because it was so bad.

She wrote about how much she loved her kids and how she thought it might be better to pass away to have our dad remarry so we would have a ‘better mother’. It was almost like a suicide note at parts.

In the end, I put the book down and tried to forget about it but never did. She is still around to this day though, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

8. I mean, good for her.

That my mom is in a sext-filled online relationship with a young Pakistani fellow.

She’s 82.

Edit: Thanks to all those warning me about scams. She has very little money anyway and this has been going on for over 10 years now. It seems to be a rare case of “legitimate” online love (or sexting.)

But still something you wish you never knew. Or inadvertently stumbled upon.

7. Congrats on the happiness.

My grandfather got drunk and told me his wife (not my biological grandmother) is a freak and likes it in every hole. He’s in his 90’s she’s in her 70’s.

Thanks grandpa. Congrats on the happiness. I’ll be over here now.

A bit more about Grandpa: is now in his late 90’s and looking to make the big 100. He’s a wonderful man and has such an amazing backstory (WWII Vet). He’s still got his wits and is even still playing tennis, as for that other aspect of his life…

I’m good on keeping my knowledge to that conversation lol.

6. What a way to find out.

My parents were swingers lol. I found this out when I still lived at home.

They have gone out the night prior, and once I woke up the morning after that, I got a phone call in which had me needing to ask my mom a question.

Well, she was still in her bedroom, asleep. But I figured since it was important I’ll just go wake her to ask.

I walk into their bedroom and I walk over to her usual side of the bed. So, I beg and trying to wake her by tapping her arm.

All of a sudden, what I thought was her started to move around and I could see her face (face was covered with a blanket, and she was on her side, facing away from me) so once I was able to see her face, that’s when I noticed that it wasn’t my mom at all…

It was another woman.. then that’s when it started to come together, I look over the whole bed and realize that my mom was actually in the middle of the bed, my dad on the far side, and this woman on the other side, where I’m standing….

That’s the beginning of finding out my parents were swingers. lol……

I was shocked and mortified. And so so confused.

5. Unspeakably awful.

overheard my mom drunkenly ranting to one of her friends about how “My middle kid wasn’t planned and was kind of a mistake. He’s so much like his f**king father, i cant stand him.”

i was probably like 7 or 8 at the time and still wish i hadn’t heard.

4. That’s useful for sure.

It’s not very NSFW but …. HR accidentally sent me a spreadsheet with the salary details of every single person (800) in the company.

Pretty handy to have really.

3. Good to know, I suppose.

When my wife gave birth, the room seemed unusually warm. Warm enough to where I thought I may vomit or faint, but maybe I was having nerves from pending fatherhood.

After, the doctor handling the delivery cussed out the attending nurses beside the nursery, because the room temperature was at 89 when it should have been around the mid-60s.

I walked out from the nursery after hearing most of what was being said on the sentence, “If the mother or a baby ends up with an infection or worse, they are going to own this f**king hospital because of your f**k up.” I ended up looking at them and said, “That’s good to know.”

Since my wife and kids are fine, I won’t know the pleasure of owning a hospital, but I don’t have to know the pain of medical malpractice

2. Well what are you going to say?

My girlfriend wants to propose.

She wants to surprise me if she decides to go through with it.

She forgot that I was in a group chat on a discord that Im almost never active on, and mentioned it to her gal pals.

1. Maybe they were looking for a third.

That my old boss was banging the office secretary. They were both married to other people.

*I think she knew I knew. I wish they stopped giving me clues.

Yikes. I now join these 14 people in wishing I did not know these things.

Is there something you’ve learned but wish you hadn’t? Let’s keep the community misery going in the comments!