25 People Tell The Internet What They’re Thinking About Right Now

There are so many ways we ask people what they’re thinking. We ask “what’s on your mind” or “a penny for your thoughts” when we actually, really want to hear what someone in our lives is pondering at any given moment.

Well, sometimes the internet genuinely wants to know, too, and when Reddit asked, these 25 people came back with some pretty interesting answers.

25. You’ve gotta live in the moment.

I really wish my life to begin. I’m studying atm and I really look forward to getting the job I’m studying for and get an own apartment when I’ve got some salaries and have a good budget. And then get a boyfriend.

I’m so inexperienced of life and I really long for it to start.

24. Those are some big questions.

What should I do with my life, what job should I pick, should I even bother stuff like that.

23. Too many of us.


I just got a raise and I’m now making enough that I should be good on this salary for the rest of my career/life. I’m super excited for financial freedom.

But I have debts and loans that need to be paid off. I’m obsessing over my budget and how quickly I can get it all paid off to be truly free and finally have some spending cash for once in my life.

22. Those are tough moments.

That I think I just saw my dad for the last time. He’s been in hospice for 3 months and is entering the final stage of dying.

But he knew who I was, he had a few bites of the hot fudge sundae I brought him that he was asking for earlier in the week and he held my arm as I sat with him.

21. Get out of my head!

Asking myself over and over again to get up and go workout while guiltily scrolling Reddit.

20. A good night’s sleep.

Should I sleep now or should I attempt to fix my sleep schedule by staying up 24 hours

Edit: I ended up going to sleep at 10am and woke up at 5pm. Looks like I won’t be able to fix it short-term but I can gradually push it back to ‘normal’ with the help of sunlight and food!

Thank you guys so much for the awards, comments and advice! I had no idea so many people are struggling with sleeping. We all deserve a good night’s sleep!

19. You’ll feel better after you go.

Dentist appointment is the last thing I want to put up with today RIP.

18. We all do.

I need company really bad, loneliness is gonna kill me one day. .woah the amount of replies and kind words has completely blown me away.

I’m so thankful for all of you that commented and to those of you that reached out to help a stranger. God bless you all .

17. Take some time afterward.

I’m in the process of exiting my very dead marriage..

Sooo instead of all the emotional crap Im supposed to be dealing with, my brain is playing a game of 3D tetris as I try to get all of my worldly possessions out of my house in the fastest and most efficient manner. Good right? Only it rarely stops.

16. There are no answers.

How could someone just stop caring about you and change so much out of the blue without any explanation whatsoever.

15. If that’s your dream.

How I really want to disappear but I need another 45k to realistically make it happen.

Like…just drop off the face of the earth, buy my cabin in the middle of f**kin nowhere, fish and write and drink till I die.

14. Best to talk it out.

Struggling with feeling not connected to my partner of almost a decade. Wondering if I want to work out the loss of connection or if we’ve just irreparably grown apart.

If it’s the latter, I know he doesn’t feel the same and me leaving would crush him.

13. Maybe. But if not, start a new one.

Is this song that I’m working on even worth continuing?

12. These are real questions, people.

I need to get gas after work. I will swing by Costco.

Wondering if I should go in and browse a bit by myself, or should I just go get gas and go home relax a bit longer before wife gets home.

Also why hasn’t Costco brought back the combo slice yet at the food court?

11. Curiosity is good despite what they say about the cat.

Man I would love to go back to be 15 with the life lessons I learned from then until now.

Curious to see where I end up.

10. And they’re not any nicer.

Looking at apartments right now. Everything is so expensive these days. Rent has gone up everywhere at least 300+ easily.

9. A fresh start.

What do I want to do with the rest of my life.

Coming out of almost 20 years of drinking and for the first time in my life I’m thinking about my future and not the present moment.

8. The older you get…

Wondering why it’s so hard to keep and make friends.

7. You have to move on.

Thinking about why did I got rejected by my crush 1.5 year ago.

It was sad back then but now that I have realised she wasn’t that perfect I am not even bothered.

6. It happens to way too many.

I just had my first miscarriage. At 19 weeks. Had zero signs. Anatomy scan brought the news.

Had surgery for removal this morning. My mind, heart, and body are feeling broken.

5. Oh my heart.

My son he was eight an avid bug hunter outdoor enthusiast and amazing little human. He hasnt been gone long.

But today i just found out that the cemetary next to the lake, his favorite spot has a place for his ashes, no charge. They gave him a park bench the other day and the peace and his presence made me want to ask. It feels right when I was there with my daughter I smiled I felt comforted like he was there.

I cant wait to bring him there. Wish I could now but this destroyed me financially and as pathetic as it is a tank of gas is out of reach. But I put in for some extra shifts and hopefully soon.

I feel like this is a new start and im ready to spread his light for all. Because he had such an impact and everyone gained the best angel.

4. Maybe you’re not?

How the f**k am I going to do everything I need to do by the deadline of January.

3. A happy thought.

Today is the best day of my life!

Life is just great! Past couple of years have been real good to me as far as family life, job, and everything in between.

Each day has been better than the last for a while now, and that makes today the best day of my life.

2. I mean maybe that?

Why the f**k do I fail all the important tests?

Ok I failed most of them because i didn’t put enough effort into preparing for them and lying to myself that i did.

1. Change can be good.

I’m kind of in a dead end job that’s comfortable for me as it’s my first real job. I’m older than most are when they get their first job (24) and I’m scared of change even if I know I’ll eventually have to get a better paying job. I’m trying to lose weight while having a terrible sleep schedules because of anxiety/ overthinking.

Sometimes I wonder if my girlfriend would be better without me as she’s amazing and I feel I’m boring and just me.

Me? I’m thinking about whether or not I forgot to make my dog’s grooming appointment (I definitely did).

What about you? We really want to know, so drop your current musings in the comments!