14 People Share Things They Think Should Be Crimes, but Aren’t

The world is an unjust place, there’s no doubt about it.

And it’s also true that a lot of things SHOULD be crimes, but they aren’t…

AskReddit users weighed in on this.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Yes.

“Giving politicians. money should be illegal.

I’ll never understand why they need so much money to “campaign” you could just give everyone the exact same platform and a series of debates all paid for by tax money.”

2. Shady.

“Civil Asset Forfeiture.

This reminds me of medieval tax collectors who just took what they wanted, under the banner of the ruler.”

3. Drives me nuts.

“Producing radio ads with horns and/or sirens in them.

And doorbells on TV. Drives pets crazy.

No alarm sounds in broadcast media unless there’s an actual emergency.”

4. Take it elsewhere.

“Talking on speaker phone while in public.

We don’t want to hear your conversation.”

5. Think about the animals.

“Intentionally breeding pedigree puppies doomed to a lifetime of breathing difficulties/skin fold infections, just because smooshed faces or wrinkles are deemed cute.

Also the docking of tails or cropping of ears for superficial, aesthetic reasons. And cat declawing.”

6. Weird stuff.

“Child beauty pageants.

It’s exploiting children.”

7. Ridiculous

“Insurance being able to decline treatment recommended by a doctor.

I mean hello insurance people, you are not doctors.

You are even arguing with doctors who studied for years why they prescribed what they prescribed.”

8. No way.

“Child influencers on social media.

Or at the very least it should be heavily regulated, to protect the kids and their money and not just let sh**ty parents take the profits while exploiting kids.”

9. Total scam.

“Ticketmaster inflating prices.

And letting large amounts of tickets never go on public sale because they held them back for their own reseller business.

And allowing resales to be 5 or 10 times more than the face value.

And having exclusivity deals with venues so that artists who try to tour without using Ticketmaster can’t play most major clubs and arenas.”

10. WTF?

“Getting married under the age of 18.

Delaware, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, which have set the minimum age at 18 and eliminated all exceptions.”

11. Tons of lies.

“Lying while in politics.

It’s so normalized that politicians lie, that we overlook the damage that it does.

And no, it is not required for the job. If we punish or remove the untruthful people, we’ll just get better leaders.”

12. Insane.

“For profit prisons.

It’s just slavery with extra steps and the only reason it’s not a bigger deal than it is because it happens to criminals.”

13. Way too high.

“The price of insulin in America.

Also the cost of eppi pens as well.

It’s almost like someone wants us to all die of treatable conditions.”

14. This one.


It’s incredible how people just made up an entirely new stupid vocabulary and use it while wearing suits and speaking in calm tones to obfuscate very clearly terrible things.”

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