14 People Share What Got Ruined Because Everyone Started Doing It

I’m gonna date myself a little bit here, but the first time I saw Green Day play live was in a relatively small venue.

Yes, they definitely had some buzz behind them and were getting more popular by the day, but I think that show I saw was one of the last times people could see them in a smaller place.

Fast forward a few months later and they were literally one of the biggest bands in the entire universe.

And, being a teenager at the time, I of course thought that “my band” had gotten a little bit too big…but I still enjoyed their music and bought their records.

But there are some folks out there who really take it personally when something gets very popular.

People on AskReddit discussed what they think got ruined because too many people started doing it.

Let’s take a look.

1. All the rage.

“My dream of buying a van and converting it.

And tiny houses. I wanted either a tiny house or a van.

Cost has gotten so high due to the rise in popularity.”

2. The stamp wars.

For me personally, I let it be known that my little rural post office was a great place to get stamps, as no one ever checked there for stamps (I’m a stamp collector).

Well, word spread and now I have to fight with about five other collectors in the area on issue days.”

3. Terrible idea.

“I’ve seen people stand in the wildflowers at Mt. Rainier to get pictures. They’re just speeding up the process of killing these flowers.

Also the tulip fields have signs telling people not to stand in the rows because it can damage the flowers but there is always people in the rows.

Why can’t people just be decent and follow simple rules?”

4. Not anymore…

“Streaming services.

It used to be a single place where you could find any show you wanted easily, to disincentivize piracy, but now that every company and their mom has a streaming service, all with exclusive content, piracy is easier even with the ads, load times, and low quality, simply because I don’t need to pay 12 different subscriptions to watch shows.”

5. Well, now it’s ruined.

“Online communities.

They’re great when small and everyone in it has a voice.

Get too many people and the “loud” and obnoxious minority start overwhelming things.”

6. A common story.

“Small music festival I used to attend, beautiful and fun. Got together with my husband there. Then too many people started talking about how great it was, more people attending every year.

It started to get too big and I think the land owner could sense it. He no longer holds it. It was sad to see it go but easy to see it was losing its magic.”

7. Too much traffic.

“EVERYTHING tourist.

So many national parks now bumper to bumper traffic. So many places with cute shops and cafes now have police that make everyone (now butt to gutt) keep walking.

People trying to play frisbee on cram packed beaches full of dog s**t.

Too crowded.”

8. Packed.

“In Austin, Barton Creek.

Too many people on the trails, playing their stupid f**king music from their stupid f**king speakers, and not picking up after their dogs.”

9. Keep it down!


Almost all of the campsites I have been to in the past however many years have had a group of annoying, loud people playing stupid loud music into the night.

I go camping to enjoy nature, not to listen to you.”

10. Pretty expensive these days.

“Collecting vinyl.

I used to be able to go to the thrift stores and come home with a handful of decent records.”

11. Really sucks.

“A serene, unspoiled mountain lake was perfect for fishing, swimming, and just enjoying nature.

There were just a few summer cabins along the lakeshore and the area was kept clean. The only sounds were fish rippling the water and birds in the trees – the air naturally scented with pine.

Then, the lake was “discovered” and people started buying up every available bit of lakefront real estate to build oversize houses and docks for high-speed motor boats.

Now, as I once lamented, the pure water of the lake has become polluted and the fish are mostly gone. Outboard boat engines dominate the sound and the pine trees have been chopped down in favor of development.”

12. Where’s the community?

“The housing market because of people investing in rental properties.

Half the houses on my street are rentals.

Doesn’t even feel like I’m part of a community anymore.”

13. Not the same.


It used to be a very accessible major city. Now it’s so packed with people it’s impossible to get around. Giant condo buildings everywhere. Downtown Toronto used to be so enjoyable to just aimlessly wander around through.

Quite chill for a city of its size. Now it’s just a hassle getting anywhere. I know this can be said about many other cities but Toronto in particular seems to have changed very drastically in this way.”

14. Big time.


Thrifting used to be a way to dress yourself and your home for much-much less. It used to be a way to find full-wood furniture for cheap, good quality tailored clothes that fit to a T, and furbish your home when you’re not loaded.

You can still do all of those things today, but often, the prices are much-much higher than they used to after so many people discovered that they can buy a good quality (and sometimes branded) leather bags for a few dollars and sell them on eBay for hundreds.

For many, thrifting isn’t a cool lifestyle that they inhibit because they want to be environmentally friendly and hipster-like, for many it’s a necessity.

People searching for cheap thrifted goods and then reselling them for 10x the price they paid for it is very basic market economy, and I understand that, but the very same actions have made it even harder for those on the breadline to actually dress themselves and their home.”

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