14 People Talk About the Most Ridiculous Things That Folks Actually Thought Were Real

I really enjoy some things about social media, but we all have to admit that the amount of disinformation and flat-out FALSE information on there is out of control.

Because a lot of people believe that stuff!

And that’s not a good thing…

So, what’s the dumbest thing that people actually thought was real?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. True story.

“When we went to see The Martian in theaters, at the end some woman behind us told her friend, “I can’t believe I missed this. When did this happen?””

2. Hmmm…

“”The rain follows the plow.”

In the 1800s American West this was everywhere. The idea was that agriculture would bring rain and make farming super easy. Supposedly, when grasslands were turned into cultivated fields, the soil would release moisture into the air.

Then human activity like factories or trains would make vibrations that formed rain clouds. Eventually the idea expanded to straight-up bombing the air with dynamite on kites.”

3. Oops.

“That fake ad for Apple phones getting the capability to charge via microwaving.

A bunch of people put their iPhones in their microwaves and fried them.”

4. Come on!

“A lot of people fall for the scams around a company selling you a device you plug into an outlet in your home and it “reduces your electricity bill”.

You’d honestly be surprised how many people have paid money for these and even swear by them even though it’s 100% snake oil and incredibly dumb to think it would do anything.”

5. Look it up.

The BBC Spaghetti-Tree Hoax of April 1, 1957.

That is still one of the most amazing things I’ve seen.

At a time when the empire was still a thing, it just went to show how isolated and insulated our little island was.”

6. Predatory.

““I need to buy these iTunes gift cards in order to pay off the IRS!”

This one is especially sad because it preys heavily on the elderly.”

7. Goin’ on a trip!

“That sharing those posts on Facebook means they actually have a chance of winning a 5-star luxury getaway.”

8. LOL.

“Ripping the tag off of the mattress.

I accidentally ripped one while moving, the movers said i’d go to jail, so I hid in my room.

I was about 5.”

9. A classic.

“Marilyn Manson getting ribs removed so he could give himself blowj**s.

Or that Marilyn Manson was Paul on The Wonder Years.”

10. I feel great!

“Those wrist bands that “give you energy”.

Almost as good as the wristbands that keep you balanced.”

11. Ouch…

“Beanie Babies as an investment strategy.

That picture of a divorced couple splitting up their beanie baby collection in the courtroom cracks me up.”

12. Too many fall for it.

“That MLMs are a “small business” and not a pyramid scheme where there’s little to no chance of making/not losing money.”

13. It’s electric!

“When people got electricity they were told to “fan away the vapors from the outlets”, “don’t stand in front of the microwave you’ll get radiation poisoning”, “don’t talk on the phone during a thunderstorm or you will get hit by lightning”.”

14. Typical.

“I was told a great story by a friend who attended a town meeting addressing the local 5G mast concerns.

In attendance was a representative from the network company.

A selection of people were permitted to take the mic and rant for hours about how they’d all been getting headaches, feeling more low than usual, flowers had been wilting, their dog wasn’t himself, all manner of things blamed on 5G.

Several hours later after everyone had their say and the crowd of hundreds had been whipped into a fever the company representative had his turn to speak and simply said “thank you everyone for your comments but we haven’t turned it on yet.””

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