14 People Who Had Perfectly Pleasant Interactions With Celebrities

It’s easy to find horror stories about people who have met celebrities and then been totally disappointed at how they acted or how they were treated. We talk less, I think, about all of the times they met famous people who were charming, kind, and delightful – but surely those encounters happen, too.

Proof? These 14 people ran into celebs and came away being bigger fans, not smaller – and that’s really saying something.

14. Ope, Red Wedding joke.

It might have been too soon.

13. He does have the air of a “regular guy.”

A friendly neighbor, perhaps.


12. He talked to you on a plane.

That makes him extra nice.

11. That’s a good night.

It must have felt a bit like a dream.

10. When you meet your heroes, you hold your breath.

This guy can go ahead and let his out, though.


9. One wild revelation and then another!

This way you can be happy you’re family, which isn’t always the case.


8. That’s called staying in touch.

It takes effort, so it’s awesome that he makes it.

7. This just makes me smile.

Almost as much as his printer commercials.

6. This feels creepy.

Just my vibe, y’all. Could be me.

5. Celebs must have perfected a response to “the blurt.”

Bless his heart.

4. Confirmation on Denzel.

And I mean, he is also just another parent.

3. It’s even better that he can say this as an employee.

He’s a man of the people.

2. How did they not have him sign a Dos Equis?

That’s a missed opportunity right there, my friend.

1. If you can relate, you can relate.

Even if you’re H0ward Stern. He probably enjoys talking about mundane sometimes.

Remember that celebrities are just people, too, and maybe they’re having an off day when you meet them.

Do you have a good and/or bad celeb meeting to share? Our comments are open!