26 Mostly-True Reasons These States Are Famous

Image credit: Twitter

We all think we know a lot about the places that we see on TV.

Sometimes we might be right.

Other times, well… We’ve got the TV version just about right.

That was the case when a British Twitter user went viral last April for displaying his knowledge of the whole United States.

Part tongue-in-cheek, the thread by Beës, Internet Elder dared to boast what each U.S. state was famous for–without Googling.

He went alphabetically through all 50 states, and although he’s only ever visited New Mexico, he really nailed some of them.

Some were merely factual-ish, like Alaska:

Others were all too real, with a dose of humor.

Take Arizona, for example.

No one would argue with this assessment, especially lately:

And then of course, there’s Florida.

An embarrassment to us all, really.

He got Georgia pretty much right, and I’m assuming this means he’s a Stranger Things fan.

And I don’t know what this says about UK education, or just me, but he seems to know more about Hawaii than I did.

When I think of Hawaii, I think of Lost, Obama, and Hawaii 5-0, in that order.

Next Idaho, and literally the only thing anyone ever knows about it.

I guess you’d have to live under a rock to get Kansas wrong.

And the same goes for Kentucky.

Maine, too, made me laugh. Clearly he knows as much about it as I do.

But Massachusetts made me scratch my head, a little.

I mean, I’ve seen Good Will Hunting.

But this one really hit home that he’s getting his information from Hollywood.

Which sort of explains Mississippi…

Hillbilly River kinda sounds like a country band.

My favorite thing about Beës’ Missouri observation is that he skipped right over St. Louis, and really does seem to know his stuff.

Why does he know this?

And I’ve been to Nebraska. He got that one right.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows Nevada.

New York could have been so many things.

The Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island. Yankees baseball. The Gangs of.

But his assessment is probably true, and it was funny in context.

North Dakota, is definitely true, which is really a shame because their Badlands are something to behold.

The funniest part about Oklahoma is that there’s a song in it called “Kansas City.”

Pennsylvania made me laugh.

It’s been in the news for a lot of things the past year that had nothing to do with the Amish, but up until then, I might have agreed.

Although I’m a little surprised he didn’t say Cheese Steaks, but maybe that’s more to do with his assessment of Wisconsin.

South Carolina literally made me say, “Dear god.”

South Dakota is probably true, more’s the pity.

It’s a beautiful state, even with Mount Rushmore, which I guess no one knows the location of.

I was scared to get to Tennessee, but I can honestly say, it could have been worse, and he’s not wrong.

Although to be fair, I watched a Scotsman buy Jack Daniels at 9 in the morning, and literally every time I’m in the UK people want to talk to me about Elvis, so I think people know two other things about my state.

See, it could’ve been worse.

He nailed Vermont, although this one made me roll because Bernie is literally the only politician mentioned. Not Obama, not Biden, not Clinton, not Bush, not even George Washington.

It’s funny the things people know.

Like I said:

He’s right that there’s cheese there. That’s the only part of this I can agree with, I’m sorry.

Last but not least, I give you: Wyoming.

So funny and true, I sent it to my husband while I was working on this article.

Lest you worry that Beës takes himself too seriously, he told Bored Panda, that he hoped Americans would take his thread as intended.

“British humor is more self-deprecating. I think we have a higher tolerance for both mocking others and being mocked. Just compare the US and UK versions of The Office. Saying that, The Office US is my favorite of the two.”

This list really made me reflect on how much I actually know about each state. Tell us what you think of his joke in the comments.