15 Animals People Would Love To See Go Extinct Sooner Rather Than Later

Most of the time we’re hoping that animals don’t go extinct, or we’re talking about ways we can stop that from happening, but let’s be honest – not all animals are really doing their best to endear themselves to humanity, right?

These 15 people piped right up when someone asked what species they would like to see go the way of the dodo, and once you read through them I bet you’ll find it tough to disagree.

15. The horror.

Fleas. I can’t take fleas, what even is their given purpose? Just w years ago we had a flea infestation, my cat brought them in.

We treated him, but they were EVERYWHERE. under the beds, on the beds, on the carpets (all of them), in the bathroom where there’s no carpet?! My goodness.

Nothing would kill them, no amount of whacking or product that could have killed us with the amounts we used of so many variations. Alas, after a Summer of wanting to be dead came fateful Winter. Somehow the sheer thought of Winter killed them all off.

They were gone by the end of it, must’ve been the cold. The horror though, how numerous they could become from all flights of the house ;-;

14. Not a native species.

Fire ants.

They aren’t a native species in North America and they kill out ants that are native. Losing them would be a plus.

13. In tears.

Flies, i was just trying to sleep because where i am its almost 2am but i noticed a fly on my window. Next thing i know ive killed 17 of these motherf**kers in my tiny room and i refuse to believe thats all of them.

I still hear “BZZ” And idk if thats PTSD these f**kers gave me or is there another tribe of em under my bed!

Respectfully, i am in tears.

12. Do not like.

Bedbugs 100%

Mosquitoes too. Deadliest wild animal there is.

11. A long list.

I totally have a long list of animals I want destroyed. Ticks, fleas, blow flies, leeches, eels, bed bugs, cockroaches, and any insect, pest or vermin that enters my house.

I feel awful wanting to destroy these animals, so I will go feed my obese pug dog and work off the guilt.

10. They do pollinate, though.

Wasps 100%.

9. They’re everywhere.

Silverfish. Buggers are everywhere and no matter how hard you try, they keep appearing.

I think they look gross too.

8. To stink, obviously.

Stink bugs. I still don’t see what purpose they serve.

7. Not all spiders.

Fiddleback/brown recluse spider.

Better for everyone, and any benefit it offered would be filled by another spider.

6. If they invade your house, forget about it.

In Australia, it’d have to be flies.

Those pesky, sticky little fuckers can piss right off.

5. I don’t think I want to look this up.

Very very rare species.

Lizardicus zuckerbergicica. Parasitic, aggressive, highly infectious.

4. Among other places.

Spotted lantern flies.

They’re wreaking havoc in Pennsylvania

3. So many good reasons.

I think everyone and their dog knows an optimal answer for this question is mosquitoes, wiping mosquitoes would not only not really impact, if not improve, the world’s biodiversity but would also greatly aid in fighting the spread of diseases like malaria.

Scientists are actually looking for way to mass wipe them out.

2. Leave me in peace.

Flies, f**king, FLIES

pieces of s*%t can’t leave me alone or in peace for two goddamn seconds

I’d say mosquitos, but at least they’re slow enough to kill, meanwhile flies seem to be able to see into the future, seeing as 99% of the time, it’s impossible to hit them. Plus, mosquitoes leave you alone when they’re done, not flies, they stick around, and the bastards will do the only thing they’re good for, which is annoy you to the end of time.

If i could, i would grab every fly in existence, and lock them in a chamber, and slowly fill it with poisonous gas, so i can watch as the life slowly fades out of the bastards, and their pointless existence is wiped off the face of the earth. And then, just for good measure, i set what’s left of them on fire

1. Someone has a lot of anger.


F**k the environment, f**k any literal consequence at all, glass an entire country as a sacrifice to the elder gods, just f**king end all of them with fire and pain

It’s a good thing humans aren’t in charge of this kind of stuff, because we’re not very forgiving of things that don’t benefit us directly.

What’s your least favorite animal? If it’s not on this list, drop your suggestion in the comments!