16 People Decide What Awful Animal They Would Make Disappear

I know that we’re supposed to love all creatures under the sun and all of that, but the truth is, some things just don’t do a very good job making themselves lovable at all.

In fact, some of them are so unlovable that we wouldn’t even mind if they were gone at all – but if you could only choose one to disappear forever, which would you pick?

These 16 people have some pretty good ideas, if you ask me.

16. Parasites in general, really.

How about that parasitic worm we saw earlier?

I’ll never sleep again.

Nightmare fuel.

15. You can’t unsee it.

Bot flies, my religion teacher showed us a video of them extracting larva from someone’s skin….

I never ever want to see that again and they’re evil vile things

14. Environment be danged.

Cockroaches and every variation of them. I don’t care about the environmental impact.

I want them all gone.

I’m a 6 foot, 230 pound man. my fears in life are few. cockroaches however…I see one of those little f**kers and I’m running for the god d**n hills.

13. Mango worms.

So I was living in West Africa for a few years and while I was there, I adopted a pet monkey. I know, you’re not supposed to but she had already been in captivity from a neighbor for a while and they were going to eat her so whatever, this is not the point. She slept in a tree next to my mud hut and we were best friends.

Went on bike rides together while she sat on the handlebars, we’d go foraging for fruit in the woods, she loved ear and forehead rubs, good fun.

One time I noticed this weird sore on her arm so I poked it and I saw something moving inside. Not knowing what it was but on sheer instinct, I squeezed and a little worm popped it’s head out. I asked some neighbors and they told me that yeah, it’s a botfly larva, also called mango worms, or “tumbos.”

I asked what do you do about them? They said well, you can spray some stuff on them like they do for their cattle or you can pick them out one by one or you can leave them in there and the animal’s going to die a painful death. Well I didn’t want to spray stuff on my little baby monkey friend so I decided to see if there were more to pick out.

Yeah, they were a lot more. I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed but there were literally like 30 of these little holes all over her, some tiny and some pretty big. And she would calmly wait while I squeezed with my fingers and pulled out each wiggling larva with tweezers one by one. There was a clear look of gratitude in her eyes. But the grossest part?

Each one I pulled out, she would snatch out of my hand and stuff it in her mouth and gulp them down. Because monkeys I guess like grubs. Slimy yet satisfying? So I’m pulling these flesh eating bugs out of her skin, and she’s in turn eating them. I don’t know how I didn’t vomit that day.

12. The pits of hell.

Biologist here. To anyone saying or upvoting mosquitoes, you are absolutely right. F**k those pieces of shit bugs, I hope they all die.

I’m a neurobiologist (completely irrelevant to mosquitoes), but still as technically a biologist, you can take my word for it that we’d all be better off if all those annoying bitey f**kers were eeeeeeee-ing their way to the pits of hell.

11. Not the trees!

Spotted lanternfly. They kill most trees, flowering vines, do extensive damage to fruit and berry trees and shrubs, and can kill many food crops.

The emerald ash borer too, I grew up with lots of ash trees around, now 90% are dead, just standing there.

10. Mental issues.

Scabies mites.

Honestly of all the medical crap I have done, scabies was the most unbearable. The itching alone sent me half way to a breakdown, and the mental issues I still have from it (compounded by PTSD from just having a very traumatic baby experience!) it was a nightmare.

Not the most deadly by any means, not even all that dangerous physically. But mentally I nearly lost my life to those little things.

9. Only the possums would miss them.


There’s no reason they exist accept to spread horrible diseases.

Oh, and some small rodents eat them.


8. The devil.

Horse flies are the devil.

I had no idea they weren’t like common houseflies, until I was at a beach as a child. Those things will make you bleed. They also follow you. I dunked under water, and the cunt was still above waiting. Like, no!

Editors Note: The author of this comment thanks you for the award. He knows it is cheesy and corny to do this, but meh. Let him be corny AND cheesy then. Heh.

7. They are not afraid.

Bed bugs.

I hate bed bugs. Most insects will run away fearful after biting you, but not bed bugs…they walk away smug and self-assured, like they thought it was funny.

6. Just because they’re mean.

I want to say wasps, and the argument is always “they dont do anything good” (contrary to bees for example). And i always found that argument pretty interesting.

Does something not have value or a right to live if it does not benefit others? (Or in this case the ecosystem and us).

Actually id choose mosquitos, malaria kills a lot of people, many of them kids.

I’d vote yellow jackets for the sole fact that one stung my two year old in the forehead once and now I want B L O O D

5. The bane of elementary school nurses everywhere.

Lice, especially head lice.

Pubic lice actually are going extinct because of genital grooming trends! There was a university near me that was offering money to people willing to grow out their pubic hair so they could grow a colony of pubic lice.

4. Ba-dum-ching.


3. Still alive.

My cousins and I had a tapeworms when we were kids. It was pretty common in a 3rd world country.

They even had a cartoony commercial for some medicine for it. We took the medication and ended up pooping them out.

They were still alive. It was gross and fascinating at the same time. I feel less ladylike tell this story, but I cant change the past, so I’m just gonna tell it.

2. Too far down.


Was expecting this to be the first answer.

1. The dogs will thank you.


Finally, stray cats and dogs alike are free from this pest.

Bye bye Black Plague.

Hmm, this doesn’t seem like comprehensive list.

What would you add to it if you could? I know we can find some more horrible animals to pick on today!