15 Confessions People Can’t Say To The People They Know In Real Life

We all have secrets. There are things we don’t feel like we can tell anyone, for one reason or another, and things we know would blow up our lives if we uttered aloud.

These 15 people might not be able to confess to the people who know them, but they just had to tell someone – so why not the internet, right?

Here’s hoping it doesn’t blow up in their faces!

15. Find out why.

i haven’t done a single assignment this semester, i haven’t even gone to class. i dont know why im doing this.

14. Grief catches you by surprise.

I cried over bell peppers today. I always made my dad stuffed orange bell peppers on Halloween. I would cut the little jack o lantern faces out and everything.

He’s been dead for three years but today for a second in the grocery store I thought oh that’s right I need orange bell peppers.

13. Just unhappy.

I’m unhappy in my marriage, but still love my wife. I think if we met today we wouldn’t even date, much less be married but the thought of leaving her for my own happiness makes me sick to my stomach. She constantly says how happy I make her, how much she loves me, that she couldn’t live without me. And I love her back, we are just so different.

We got married young because “God was guiding us to do so.” Our responsible adult figures told us it was smarter to wait but we (and our pastor) knew better. We did a bunch of premarital counseling, so we actually have a very solid base for our marriage, we have just changed in political views, personal views, leisure activities, movie interests, religious beliefs (unbeknownst to her on that one), and just about everything else. There’s very little common ground any more. I can say we both enjoy watching anime together and listening to audio books of her choosing as we fall asleep (I’ve tried to recommend some and a few podcasts but they didn’t work for her).

We haven’t had sex in months and she recently discovered she’s a-romantic and is fine with basically never having sex. I’m not like that at all.

She doesn’t work at the moment and we are in financial stress because of it, but I still want her to be able to spend money on herself because it helps with her depression (legitimately helps, shes spending money on hobby supplies which give her a sense of accomplishment). Despite me working 50+ hour weeks I still do a majority of the cooking and cleaning due to her mental health. But I still love her dearly.

I’m just unhappy. I care for her, I WANT to be with her, I’m just not happy. I feel like I put in more effort than she does, but she is so appreciative and I know it isn’t malicious on her part, I just enable the behavior. She’s seeing a therapist (newly because of finances) but I don’t think I can afford one for myself or couples therapy.

If you made it to the end, thanks for reading my ramblings.

12. If you think it’s true, it probably is.

I’m probably getting a little to keen on coke at this point.

I was doing a gram every weekend. Isn’t much compared to others I know. But I would justify it with, “it’s my day off so it’s ok” then went to getting 2 G’s a every weekend and realized at 5AM when I was trying to lay down with my heart pounding out my chest that this feeling isn’t worth it.

The whole day of doing coke is just you trying to catch that first line of the day feeling, but you never quite get there. I was spending $160 on blow a weekend. That’s $640 a month.

11. How awful.

I’ve always told everyone my mom died of cancer. She committed suicide. Footnote: So did my son.

10. Put yourself first.

I dropped three courses not because I was failing academically, but because I was very close to killing myself.

9. That’s something.

I see, hear, and touch my wife every now and then.

She keeps me up at night just talking to me.

My wife’s been dead for the past 7 years.

Pills, therapy and counseling haven’t worked. The doctors are out of options for me.

If it happens during the day, to others, I seem to suddenly have a thousand yard stare, my speaking stops, then one or two seconds later, i seem to snap back to reality and continue on.

Otherwise it’s chipping into my sleep and making it hard to wake. Last week was 7 years…

8. A true confession.

I have eaten food quantities that were listed as “family sized” in a single sitting, many times.

My buddy made fun of me for eating an entire family sized lasagna. All I could think to say was, “Well at least it wasn’t the party size!”

7. In-laws from hell.

My husbands family are all complete cunts. When we first got together I just thought he wasn’t close to them, but now after spending more time with them, I realize they’re all bullies. They constantly ridicule each other and fight and tease my husband for one thing or another.

They’re loud and interrupt each other and belittle each other’s opinions. It’s truly a shame that he had to grow up with those dipshits. He’s really amazing at so many things and has a lot of self loathing because nothing was ever good enough to his family.

He’s made a name for himself and I’m so proud of his hard work and success, but they still just nitpick. I’m on a mission to make my husband have a peaceful adult life where he’s only encouraged. I want to make him see how amazing he is, the way I see him.

6. You never know what you’re going to get.

1 day I wake up and feel top of the world, the next I wake up and feel like I want to kill myself. I’m usually the last 1 tbh.

Update: I made this comment as a remark about how I’m feeling which I thought would get lost in the comment section. I went to bed last night feeling lonely and unheard. I woke up this morning and after reading all the kind, helpful comments I feel strangely full of love for the first time in such a long, long time.

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and feelings, it’s given me the kick up the butt I needed to reach out and get help after what feels like years of suffering, today I will seek out a therapist.

The Reddit community rocks.

5. Sometimes they deserve it.

This month marks ten years since my mother died.

Even though I recognize that she was a broken person with a lot of issues and no strength to face them, and it isn’t entirely her fault, I’m glad she’s gone, in an almost hateful way.

4. Pay attention behind the wheel.

I almost caused a car accident a few days ago because I zoned out and ran a red light. Even though nothing happened I feel really guilty about it.

Edit: Wow this blow up, did nit expect that.

I don’t have time to respond to all of you but thank you for all the nice words!

I know I’ve been stupid and I’m doing everything in my power to make sure something like this will never happen again when I’m driving.

For your information I’ve only been driving for about a year and is been almost to months since I got my driver licence and what happened really spooked me out.

I’m going to be way more careful because I really don’t want to hurt anyone.

3. That’s rough.

That I’m not sure I actually care about anyone close to me nearly as much as they think I do, and that’s ok. Because I will care for them anyways.

2. Prove yourself wrong.

I just started drinking again. I would have been 2 years sober in January.

I always told myself that if I ever started again I wouldn’t be able to stop. Now that I have started again I hope I can prove myself wrong again. Thank you, kind internet stranger. I have no one I can talk to about this. Whoever you are, you’re a genuinely heartfelt and lovely person. Thank you.

1. Quite a tale.

I did a two hour online test for college and we had to stay on camera for the whole two hours until everyone was done.

The problem was I shit myself half an hour into the test and sat in my own shit not allowed to move and if I did move everyone would see I shit myself.

So I waited until everyone was done and got marks done and could turn off the cameras.

I got 100% in the test.

Edit thanks for all the feedback on my horror story of shitting myself on my psychology exam.

I did try giving as much feedback as possible.

so yes this happened and I had no clue this happened to another person

on a talk show, but am glad am not alone. Am going to look into American life, am going to find that story and look into it for a good chuckle.

it happened because am highly lactose intolerant and I added milk based creamer by mistake to my coffee.

the clean up was horrendous and I had to throw out my office chair after and shower myself off after.

my stomach is super sensitive and it has happened before but that story is for another time but far worse inside a Bible study at a church. *FML

I was studying psychology, I now work in that field.

Thanks for the laughter and responses and points guys.

I hate to hear some of these so much, and I hope they can find someone to talk to in person sooner rather than later.

Don’t keep secrets bottled up that could hurt you, y’all – make sure and reach out for help. There’s no shame in it.