15 Hilariously Accurate “Truth Facts” That Apply To Almost Everyone

I’m betting that you clicked on this article because you love charts and graphs, and let me tell you, I could not agree more. They are awesome on principle, but a graph that applies across the board?

Color me intrigued.

If you’re intrigued, too, you’re going to love these 15 accurate graphs from Instagram account @truthfactsofficial.

15. It doesn’t matter how much you start with.

That’s all you ever get at the end.

14. Very helpful, no?

Unless you’re a jokester.

13. This is how people go missing.

I’m just saying.

12. The second one is easier.

And way more fun.

11. Everybody’s working for the weekend.

Especially your boss.

10. We might be devolving as a species.

We’ll be ok as long as we have the internet.

9. I mean, can you blame them?

Who would have ever thought we could ruin something like pizza?

8. I really think “alcohol” should be slice of the pie.

But I guess it does help with lowering the standards.

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7. It’s really hard to get ahead.

Unless you had a head start.

6. There’s edible food in your fridge?

I’m afraid that I can’t relate.

5. Expectations vs. Reality

It doesn’t mean they can’t help!

4. Explains why they taste better at the bar.

They are the professionals.

3. I’m sure that will do it.

Except the cancer from the fake sugar will surely be a downer.

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2. Eh, it’s just protein.

As long as I don’t realize it at the time, no harm.

1. We all have our lines in the sand.

Spoilers are it for a good number of us.

It’s hard to really argue with these, don’t you think?

Tell us in the comments which ones actually made you chuckle!