18 People Recommend Movies They’ve Watched At Least Five Times

I honestly thought that watching movies over and over again was a normal thing to do, even after one left toddlerhood behind – because if I was going to make a list of movies I’ve seen at least five times, it would be pretty long.

And let’s be honest, not all of them could technically be called “good” (at least not by film critic standards).

These 18 people probably have more refined taste than I do, so here are the movies they’ve watched over and over – so maybe you’ll want to, also.

18. Head’s up.

Howl’s Moving Castle, just love how whimsical it is.

Not gonna lie, that movie gave me nightmares as a 5th grader. They weren’t as bad, however, as the ones I got from watching Spirited Away as a 6 year old.

17. Creeper, here.

Silence of the lambs.

I’ve watched it way too many times.

Don’t ask.

16. Sigh. Do we really need them both?

Goodfellas the most.

Then Casino second.

Scorsese is a god.

15. Both classics.

Back to the Future and Groundhog Day.

Absolute classics!

14. One of the best.

Given that it’s October 3rd, it seems fitting to say Mean Girls.

I’ve learned valuable life lessons from that movie. Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant… and die.

Don’t have sex in the missionary position, don’t have sex standing up… just don’t do it. Promise?

13. Many good quotes.

Galaxy Quest.

Never give up, Never surrender!

We absolutely loved that movie. We had one kid in a family of friends who was totally freaked out by the inside out transportation gone wrong, though.

Guess it’s not necessarily good for all minors, not miners

12. I see what you did there.

Groundhog Day.

I can just watch that movie over and over.

I guess that’s the point?

11. Said every 90s kid ever.

Jurassic Park.

Still the best dinosaur movie ever made.

10. Too dark for repeated viewings.

The Shawshank Redemption.

It is one of those movies you catch on cable and always finish watching…..at least for me.

9. Best zombie movie?

Shaun of the Dead.

Hot Fuzz is quite brilliant as well. It gets better every time you watch it.

8. Eh, who has the time.


“I am maximums decimus meridus

Commander of the army’s of the north

General of the Phoenix legion

Loyal servant to the true emperor Marcus Aurelius

Father to a murdered son

Husband to a murdered wife

And I will have my vengeance in this life or the next!”

Amazing line!

7. Nerds unite!

The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

I watch the extended editions about once per year and I’m always sad when they’re over again!

Courage Merry. Courage for our friends.

6. So many times.

The Princess Bride.

This is actually the movie I have probably watched more than any other. Not because it’s my favorite–as good as it is, as much as I love it, it’s not–but because it was my younger brother’s favorite film when he was a child, and he watched it basically on a daily basis, so I’ve probably seen this film easily a hundred times.

Even after a hundred times watching, my little brother would always pause at the Fire Swamp sequence and make sure one of my older sisters was there to watch it with him & get him through the jump scares.

After watching it so many times, I didn’t see it for a while. But now I want to rewatch it again, because it truly is a one-of-a-kind film, and basically perfectly made.

5. Like an old friend.

Spirited Away.

It was on the big screen today!

Now I wish I had gone.

4. Mad love.

The Labyrinth.

I love this movie so much I am considering getting a Labyrinth tattoo.

3. Twice in the theater.

The Dark Knight.

I’ve watched other movies more times but that’s the only one I saw twice in theatre and enjoyed both times, then watched it on DVD multiple times with the same enjoyment.

Everyone talks about Heath Ledger’s Joker being what made the film truly special, but it’s also brilliantly written, directed and scored. More so than the other two films in the trilogy.

It’s over 2 1/2 hours long but there is not one wasted second.

2. It will never not be funny.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Help! Help! I’m being repressed.

Hands down my favorite scene in the entire movie.

1. They definitely hold up.

Back to the Future.

I went to see this in the cinema on its 25th anniversary.

Still holds up, even on the big screen.

All three of them.

I mean, listen. I 100% stand by my choice to watch Tommy Boy dozens of times. No regrets.

What’s a movie you could watch over and over because it’s just so good? Drop it in our comments!