15 People Decide Which Game They Would Try To Survive For $1 Million

People love asking questions about what we would or would not do for a million dollars. Have you noticed that?

Now, I’m going to be honest. There’s not a lot I wouldn’t do for a million bucks, unless it involved permanently injuring another human being, so this question – about what game you would try to survive for 24 hours to win the money – is right up my alley.

Let’s hear what these 15 people decided would be best!

15. Only 90%?

No mans sky… I’m like 90% sure that I can live just on some random planet without dying for a day.

Although you start on a hell planet where you die in under 30s outside of a safe house or your busted ship. Enjoy lvl 10000 radiation and sentinels on high alert.

14. This feels like cheating.

Myst. Just chill and enjoy the scenery.

Yea. Can’t figure out what that lever does anyway.

13. Sounds simple enough.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

12. Look out for the idiots.

Farm simulator duh.

At least until some idiot helper runs right over you on his way to plow the wrong field.

Fun fact: In the US, farmers die at a rate roughly twice as high as police officers and roughly the same rate as delivery drivers.

11. Earn that money!

Leisure suit Larry ( uncensored please).

That game is dangerous. Flush toilet, dies. Go into alley, dies. Doesn’t use a condom, dies. Gets into cab with a bottle of booze, dies.

This is just the beginning of the game.

10. Play it safe.

I’ll go with stardew valley.

Just don’t risk the mines

But also good luck getting me to leave Stardew Valley even for 1 million dollars.

9. Hard to argue.

DOOM Eternal. Either way, I can stop looking for a stupid job.

Doom Eternal was way more fun than any other Doom. I’ve played them all. But nothing was as scary as the beginning of Doom 3.

Well, I was high, alone, and playing in the dark with headphones you had to jack into the television lol

8. Why not?

Animal Crossing because yes.

But will Nook let you leave before paying off your debts? Not sure how he handles people trying to skip out of town.

7. It can be unpredictable!

I’m going to try something here.

I choose “the quiet game” that my mom always wanted me to play on long car rides.

6. Some people like a challenge.

Dark Souls, I want to earn it.

I mean, you never actually die in dark souls, since you’re cursed.

Being stabbed through the stomach would still suck though.

5. Too many variables.

Going to just chill in the Blue Recluse in Stormwind on World of Warcraft.

Until a mage comes in to do “investigate the blue recluse” and you somehow get caught in the crossfire

4. At least no one dies.


3. A sweet setup.

Animal Crossing:New Horizons.

I got a sweet setup with plenty of fruit trees, drinkable water, a very nice home and tons of stuff to keep me occupied. I’ll be 100% fine.

2. Because that’s a hard day.

Wii Resort unless I meet Matt.

Matt is the worst! Lucia in Table Tennis is also not to be underestimated.

1. You’ll be able to afford the surgery.

FIFA. I’m not as good since blowing out my knee, but I’m pretty confident in surviving.

Better hope the coach doesn’t keep you in for all 24 hours then.

Some great answers here. Mine is obviously Clue.

What’s your response? Drop it in the comments!