15 People Discuss the Advertisements That Made Them Not Want to Buy Products

There’s a recent commercial I’ve had the misfortune to see several times lately that I really, REALLY don’t like.

It’s a Kraft cheese commercial with a close-up of a grilled cheese sandwich in a frying pan and some guy singing a stupid little song about wanting to eat it.

Really? You had millions of dollars for advertising and that’s what you came up with?

Well, now you’ve annoyed me!

Which advertisements made you actually avoid buying a product?

People on AskReddit answered that question.

1. Not realistic.

“Baby commercials where the dad is just a bumbling idiot.

I can have the diaper off, cleaned, and new diaper on before baby even knows I’m changing them.”

2. Getting old…

“All the Liberty Insurance ads.

It’s been played out too long.”

3. Better be careful…


Their ads about how if you use their competitors you’ll cut your d**k off.

Didn’t make me afraid of their competitors, they just made me associate Manscaped with severe genital trauma.

Good going, fellas.”

4. What’s he up to?

“Mr. Clean sniffing around that housewife.

I won’t let my wife buy their products for fear that creep is gonna sneak into my house and put the moves on her.”

5. No thank you.

“Quiznos ran a series of radio spots many years ago in which it would open with something along the lines of “when you’re hungry, trying to resist a Quiznos sub is like” and there would be an absurd no-competition comparison with apt sound effects.

One of the spots was (I may be misremembering but was along lines of), “trying to resist a Quiznos sub is like a puppy taking on an alligator.” You then heard a bunch of yipping sounds ending with a big chomp.

That one spot turned me off ever being a customer of that restaurant.”

6. For macho men.

“Dr. Squatch soap.

It’s just obnoxious, macho-man, “natural is better”, “oh no, chemicals!” bulls**t. I don’t even care if the soap’s good, their advertisements have ruined the brand for me. Come to think of it, any brand that targets insecure men through their advertising. There was a supplement company with a probiotic promising to make your balls bigger.

Looked into the research, it was a single, small study on rats, which is… barely evidence, and definitely not enough to launch a product.”

7. Tone deaf.

“The completely tone deaf Cascade Platinum commercial where they try to claim that running your dishwasher every night will somehow save you water because it uses less water than a sink.

How the f**k does that make sense? You think I’m looking at my half empty dishwasher every night and saying “oh s**t. Better take all of these dishes out and wash them by hand or else the dish fairy is going to k**l me in my sleep”?

Of f**king course not. I’m going to wait until it’s full because I’m a grown adult with enough kitchenware to last me a full load in the dishwasher. It’s just a blatant “f**k the environment. Just use our product more so we can sell more s**t.””

8. Brain poison?

“I already don’t smoke ci**rettes, but those anti-s**king ads that refer to nicotine as a “brain poison” just sounds stupid to me.

It’s a drug, just call it what it is.”

9. Enough with the slurping.

“Beverage radio commercials that use lots of slurping or soda can popping sound effects.

Gave me another reason to avoid Dr Pepper and light beer.”

10. Not working.

“Morningstar Farms selling vegetarian burger patties. “If I’m a kid and I like it…” has the opposite effect they intended.

You know what kids like? Ketchup sandwiches. Spoonfuls of sugar stolen from the bowl. Taking a bite out of a stick of butter. Plain cheese pizza. Burgers with no toppings.

When I was a kid I once dumped a packet of Gushers into a bowl of cereal and happily ate it. Morningstar Farms, the fact that some little girl likes to eat your fake meat means nothing to me.”

11. Not appetizing.

“A few years ago Dominos had a commercial campaign where they said things like “People told us our sauce tasted like ketchup and our crust was like cardboard. We listened and we changed the recipe!”

Those ads sure didn’t give me an appetite for pizza.”

12. Weird.

“Dr. Pepper Ten.

Its ad campaign was literally “Not for Women”.

Normally I’m a huge Dr. Pepper fan, but I found that entire campaign so f**king stupid and aggravating that I swore I would never drink it.”

13. Cringeworthy.

“That Grubhub commercial with those disgusting looking 3D characters dancing in a really cringe manner.

It makes me embarrassed on behalf of those people who don’t even actually exist.”

14. Calm down…

“F**k Flo from Progressive, and all her sh**ty friends.

They’re bad and annoying, but I’m not sure that Progressive has realized that their “spokesperson” is a f**king terrible, obsessive, aggressive psycho.

She’s so nosy, and the commercial where she c**kblocks two young people in the laundromat made me wish they threw her into an industrial washer.

“Oh tell me more about bundling insurance, Flo! We’d never flirt with each other when there’s insurance to be discussed, but you’ve only got another 30 seconds before the rinse and spin, and I just don’t think you’ll be able to talk during that! Or after.””

15. Over the top.

“Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast sandwich commercials only had the discordant rooster-sounding riff at the end.

Now it’s every couple of seconds throughout the entire commercial.

It’s like a knife in my ears. “

Are there any ads that really make you not want to buy certain products?

If so, talk to us in the comments.

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