15 People Share the Differences Between Co-ed Schools and All-Girls Schools

Listen folks, most of us never went to an “all” anything school, but those of you who did… they know the signs.

Where I grew up there was exactly ONE all-girls school and exactly ONE all-boys school. That’s it. And the people that went there definitely had different standards than everybody else.

For one… the uniforms. What’s with same-sex schools and mandatory uniforms? Isn’t that a place where clothes actually don’t matter?

Today, we’re talking about the gals and all of those things that people who went to schools that were femme-foward.

Let’s take a look!

1. Because, why would anybody really care?

It’s not like they had to cover up.

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2. Dressing in public. Got it. That’s a theme here.

And yeah, the presence of guys would immediately be different.

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3. This would be the best thing about a school like this.

So much less competition!

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4. Yeah, sounds like high school!

Some things never change.

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5. All pads, all the time!

And I bet they were free.

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6. Did it? Or was that just you?

Hmmmm…. I think somebody might have just been socially awkward?

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7. Oh snap! Testosterone in the house!

Can you feel it? Because they could!

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8. Actually, an amazing benefit.

Real competition because they’re not worrying about impressing boys? Sounds great to me!

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9. Freedom!

I can’t imagine having to live up to these insane standards every single day. Ugh.

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10. Yeah, but did you?


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11. Girl power!

No showers!

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12. The answer is “YAS QUEEN!”

It’s not even a thing anymore.

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13. Time to go out into the real world!

Seems like they wanted to get away from the “all-girls” reality.

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14. If I were a school, I would NOT hire a male teacher.

Just seems like a recipe for disaster.

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15. Really?

That doesn’t sound real…

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Well, that got really real! And all because we took a sneak peek into a world we likely weren’t a part of.

Did you go to a same gender school? Want to share your experiences?

Do that in the comments!