15 People Share What They Think Are the Worst Feelings Ever

I’m well aware that there are MUCH worse feelings out there, but for me, the anxiety that comes with having to speak in public is unbearable.

Once I get up there and start going I’m usually okay, but the lead-up to anything like that is just brutal for me…and I’d have to say that’s probably the worst feeling ever for me.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Ouch.

“Kidney stones.

Worst physical sensation I’ve ever had is that feeling of wrongness in the whole pit around my stomach when they moved.

Everything between my hips and diaphragm, but only inside me, felt like all of it was wrong. It was worse than the actual pain somehow.”

2. Terrible.

“For the last two years of her life I had to watch helplessly as my wife faded. It came to the end when she was in the ICU in a coma.

There was no chance of any quality of life and I had to make the dredded decision to take her off of life support. It was the worst day of my life losing my best friend, soul mate, and my wife all at once.

The only comfort I get out of it is knowing she’s not in pain anymore and that she is with her brother again.”

3. The love is gone.


When the person you love the most does something so awful that it completely destroys the love you share.”

4. Hopeless.

“That feeling that you get right after losing a person/pet that you loved so dearly. It’s such a hopeless feeling.

Like you’re reaching out and crying for someone who just minutes before was there. That’s the worst feeling ever.”

5. Messed up.

“That gut-wrenching feeling you get when you realize you f**ked up something very badly and you can’t fix it anymore.”

6. Lonely.

“Screwing up a relationship and being left with the feeling of loneliness and there’s nothing you can do to fix it.

The loneliness on top of having f**ked up is indescribable.”

7. Not fun anymore.

“Anhedonia. When doing something you used to enjoy no longer invokes the feelings they once did. Everything I used to enjoy no longer does anything for me.

You could chalk this up to depression but this is a specific feeling that makes me feel empty inside because everything that used to make me smile feels like a chore now.”

8. Awful.


That diagnosis. That moment when failure is inevitable. The impending break-up.

My dad was in a coma for a little over a week before we lost him, and we knew we would be losing him. That’s doom and it’s the prelude to grief.

I hope none of you experience doom. It’s like having all of your agency for change stripped away. It’s a true sense of powerlessness, and it’s traumatizing.”

9. One-sided.

“Missing a long-term partner and knowing they don’t feel the same way.

Loving someone who no longer loves you back is so hard.”

10. Scary stuff.

“Not being able to breathe.

I recently had an 8-hour asthma attack and it was terrifying.”

11. Close call.

“When I was at work and my wife called to tell me they lost my son and called 911. I work 90 minutes away from from.

My son is fine and safe, he was hiding in the house, but I’ve never felt so bad in my life.”

12. Cuts deep.

“Being cheated on in a serious relationship.

It’s so much more than betrayal, it cuts you deep and has you wondering what’s wrong with you, and then every relationship you ever have after is different because you’ve been changed and trusting is never the same.”

13. All alone.


Feels like fire in your soul.”

14. Time to end it.

“When you realize the relationship is over and you can’t take it anymore.

But ending things seems impossible when you’ve been together for so long and had so many memories.”

15. Changes you.

“I stayed by my mom’s bedside through her last few days of deteriorating consciousness, then the deathrattle, the agonal breathing and until she turned cold, then yellow.

S**t changes you on the most fundamental level.”

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