15 People Share What They Wish More People Understood

Life sure can be frustrating, don’t you think?

Especially when it comes to trying to get people to understand you. And that can mean a lot of things and it varies from person to person.

But everyone has those things that really drive them up the wall that they wish other folks could comprehend.

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Educate yourself.

“History and it’s repetition.

This. People tend to think that people who lived hundreds of years before us were stupid because they didn’t have our technology and were superstitious. Humanity has always been the same.

In the words of Mark Twain, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes”.”

2. Different for everyone.

“Mental health can look different for everyone.

Just because my depression or anxiety looks different from yours doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.”

3. True.

“Just because you work harder doesn’t mean you’ll make more money or be more successful.

Alternatively, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you’re lazy, broke, and unsuccessful.”

4. A lot of work goes into it.

“The effort it takes to make things.

Like movies, games, books, physical handmade items.

I detest armchair specialists who have a 5min solution to everything they see as a problem despite it being obvious design decision be it for ease, cost or straight up creator preference.”

5. Ignorant.

“Accepting you were wrong when presented with new evidence is a sign of intelligence.

Never being wrong is a sign of ignorance.”

6. It ain’t everything.

“Money, prestige, etc. do not make you happy. In my opinion, time and lack of stress are worth more than money and prestige any day.

I just left a job with a fancy law firm to work with a nonprofit in June. My salary was cut 22%, and I went from a supervising associate to the bottom of the ladder.

And I would do it again in a heartbeat. The time I spent at the office or stressed out beyond belief was so taxing on me. I work a little more than half the hours I used to work, and I believe in my organization’s mission and work.

There’s a lot to be said for those things.”

7. That would be nice.

“How to drive like a normal human.

Including the use of turn signals, observance of proper following distance, and not constantly blinding everyone coming the other way with your brights when driving at night.”

8. Amen to this!

“Opinions don’t equal facts no matter how much you want it to.

And your “research” on the internet is not the equal of educated professionals in their field.”

9. Interesting.

“Animals don’t think like people.

Stop anthropormorphizing their personalities. No, your dog did not sh*t on the floor because he felt like being rebellious that day.

And he is not hiding under the bed because he “feels guilty,” he is hiding because you are yelling and waving things around like a lunatic.

Sincerely, a vet tech.”

10. Is it too late?

“Climate crisis is real and we need to take action.

And there’s a significant chance that it’s already too late.”

11. Loneliness.

“That loneliness can actually have great long term effects if you use your loneliness to your advantage.

Being alone may suck but it also gives you the opportunity to work on yourself and it often means you have little to no obligation to others, giving you more freedom to discover yourself.

Although being around people and not being lonely can help, I believe that being alone to the point of feeling lonely can also have some advantages.”

12. Cutting ties.

“That not all people have relationships with their parents/family that are sustainable or even manageable.

And that sometimes a person’s only option is to remove themselves.”

13. Let it all out.

“Emotions don’t make you weak.

I think men are conditioned to feel this.

In a couple months I knew 2 men to commit suicide and another one attempted. Breaks my heart.”

14. Agree to disagree.

“That we can disagree about something and not become *ssholes to each other about it.

I can’t tell you how many people have stopped talking to me because I don’t share their line of thinking.

It’s really frustrating.”

15. Don’t give up!

“Failing something isn’t the end.

Failing is the beginning.

In order to learn how to do something, you have to try, try, try. You have to get it wrong hundreds of times before you can get it right.

Da’Vinci didn’t learn how to paint the first time he put the brush to the canvas. But for some reason people expect themselves to be able to do so.”

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