15 People Talk About What They Think Everyone Should Experience in Life

Everyone has their own opinions about what they think everyone needs to do at least once in their lives.

Sky diving? Stargazing? Visiting another country? Swimming with dolphins? Getting married?

The possibilities are endless!

What should everyone experience in their lives?

People on AskReddit offered their opinions. Let’s take a look.

1. Yes!

“Work in fast food

Not because it gives you some experience with fast paced, low wage, horribly managed fun.

But it gives you the sense that this happens to everyone in retail or fast food. Be nice to the person behind the counter because you’ve been in their shoes before.”

2. Go see some stuff!

“Travel. Even if it’s within your own state.

Because if it’s bad, you’ll appreciate your home so much more. If it’s good, you will broaden your horizons and take home a bit of inspiration.

Either way, it’s important to see how other people live in order to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and your perspective.”

3. PAIN.

“Significant physical pain.

Some people don’t seem to understand how pain can reshape your entire world, your view of yourself, and how you think/react.

I lived with chronic pain for years (femoral head ground away most of what was left of my hip socket) and I know I was a very different person then.”

4. Changes your perspective.

“Knowing someone with a disability.

My life completely changed when I became disabled, and it introduced me to some amazing disabled people.

You learn a lot about empathy and just how creative and ingenious people can be. You also see how cruel people can be.”

5. The great outdoors.


Even if you are a fussy clean freak who loves a five star hotel, there is a simplicity of life that everyone should experience.

I love it so much.”

6. Try it out.


Even if you don’t think you need it, if you have access to it you 100% should take advantage and go.

It’s just a good way to get to know yourself and what you want. I wish it was free for everyone.”

7. That’ll teach you.

“A week taking care of a baby and a toddler.

Just so people can see how it really is. I work with a lot of people who were shocked at how much work it is. Which is fine. But parental regret is a real thing.

I think people would be more cautious about birth control if they knew or had experience.”

8. Heartbreak.

“Complete and total heartbreak.

Nothing makes you get your s**t together & become a more rounded person like someone you thought you’d spend your life with up & leaving.”

9. Time to move on.

“Moving away.

Narrow world views are some serious progress ki**ers for yourself and for the human species as a whole. Stop making excuses. Move out of your hometown.

You might be extremely surprised at how much is out there if you just let go and leave!”

10. Desperate times.

“Real hunger, real desperation.

I grew up very poor but got a scholarship to a ritzy school for college and a large portion of my classmates had literally never worked or struggled for anything in their lives. They’d never been dependent on another person’s kindness for their continued existence, and it showed in their absolute absence of empathy.

These were the kinds of college kids who call the cops if they see a homeless person going through a dumpster on campus. It was jarring to me how much basic human compassion they were missing.

They’ve never experienced real hunger so of course they don’t understand digging in the trash for a meal. Being rich literally strips your humanity away as far as I can tell- there was a reason I transferred out and it wasn’t the price of tuition.”

11. There you go.

“Three things:

Crippling Poverty.

Service industry employment.

One solid beatdown.”

12. Trippin’.

“I think a comfortable dose of psilocybin in a safe setting would do wonders for a lot of people.

Lose a little ego, appreciate nature much more, and just experience a sense of connection and bliss.”

13. Good learning experience.

“Own a small business. Everyone should do it.

Nothing has FULLY had me understand my finances like that.”

14. All the emotions.

“We should all experience joy, happiness and love. Unconditional love.

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but also heartbreak, sadness and all other bittersweet emotions.

Actually scratch that, we should experience all the emotions we can!”

15. Glorious!

“Unfiltered nature, in all her glory:

-A trip to the beach to smell the salty air…to feel some fine, soft beach sand between your toes…to have a seagull steal your food and then take a massive s**t on your shoulder…

-A trip to the mountains to feel the exhilarating crisp pine air enter your lungs…to find a quiet stream to relax by…to hear a growl somewhere nearby, and to skin your knees on the trail back to your car because you tripped over a rock looking behind to make sure that whatever growled isn’t following you…

-A trip to the desert to witness that life, indeed, (uh) does find a way…to witness the most glorious colors at sunrise an sunset, to balance off the somewhat boring shades of brown…to get stung by a scorpion as you awe over the immaculate horizons…

Nature. Experience it!”

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