15 People Who Realized They Were Being Creeps…Eventually

Most of us don’t go around trying to be creepy, but sometimes it just sort of happens. Human beings are a little bit awkward sometimes, and there’s no shame in that game – but you know, maybe there should be on occasion.

These 15 usually-normal people realized at the last minute – or even long after the fact – that they were coming off in a way they definitely didn’t intend.

15. She had a story to tell.

I go for walks at night mainly just to get some air, exercise and I usually wear noise cancelling bluetooth headset and sometimes if its late my 5 year old will call me to say goodnight and sometimes she even asks me to tell her a goodnight story or sing her a song.

One night she called and I was passing by a bus stop with a bench so I sat down and talked to her for a minute and she asked me to sing her something. I sang rock-a-bye-baby (its cheesy but she loves it because I usually hold her and pretend to drop her at the end)

Totally oblivious to whats around me I noticed a young lady walk into my line of vision and then quickly move on up the street. She got on a bus at the next stop it was close enough I could clearly see.

Thats when I realized, Im a large man, in a hoody sitting on a bench at night softly singing rock-a-bye baby to myself on a steet with almost no people and she just happened upon me. Probably freaked her TF out

14. A major mood killer.

‘yeh, give me something to remember you by’

= something I said when taking photos of female friends dancing at a party before they moved away.

Regretted it before finishing the sentence, it really killed the mood.

13. They’ll never forget.

i knew where my crush lived…and told him this.

I was in 6th grade and I found out accidentally but still a bit creepy.

12. The opposite effect.

Oh God. I was dumped by this girl and was totally bummed out about it. We stayed in communication though because it wasn’t a terrible breakup and we wanted to try and be friends. We had been distant friends for years before we dated.

So about a week later after her dumping me she gets into a minor car accident and I felt bad for her – it had been a rough month for her. She had some issues with her job too.

So I sent her flowers saying something like “Hey, these are for you and you’re a beautiful person” or some crap like that. Because we had just broken up I didn’t want to make it weird that they were from me so I sent them as “From X” instead of using my name to make it not weird.

She got them and immediately texted me saying “what the hell is this and this is fucking weird.” I realized immediately how weird that would have been for her and we haven’t talked since.

I always look back on this and think “yikes.”

11. A big confidence hit.

Met this girl when I toured my college for the first time and we started talking over the summer before I started there. Then we were talking nearly every day.

School started and she let me know she’d been accepted to study abroad for a semester and that she’d be basically in an opposite time zone and she didn’t know how often she’d get to Skype with me, and that she’d miss me.

So what did I do? Never left my dorm room, stayed on Skype constantly until the wee hours of the morning, and Skype called her the second she came online. Every day. For weeks.

I’m my defense, I thought we were building up a LDR. After a few weeks she finally told me it was “creepy” that I always “knew” when she was going to be online. I said, “oh no, I don’t, I just wait up until it’s daytime there.” She paused for a second and said “Haven’t you made friends there yet?”

I didn’t really say anything because I got uncomfortable- because no, I’d sacrificed making friends so I could be around to talk to her. And it didn’t hit me how weird that was until that moment.

Big confidence hit. I’d had a hard time as a high school lesbian and thought college would be different… it wasn’t.

10. At least they could laugh.

My wife and I were at her sister’s house, and I walk into the kitchen, where I saw my wife talking to someone (I forget who). Anyway, I started caressing her ass.

As she turned around, I was mortified to see it was her sister, who looks exactly like my wife from the back, apparently. We all laughed about it, but I was completely embarrassed.

9. It might help a little.

When I asked my friend when she switched to a very specific shampoo and she just looked at me weird for a few seconds.

I immediately explained it to her though; I happened to use that very same shampoo a couple of years ago, and I simply thought it suited her really well. She also knows I’m very smell-sensitive, so that helps I guess.

8. An innocent mistake.

I’ve been the caressee in a similar scenario. Except it was a coworkers husband. Everyone would get her and I mixed up from behind all the time, and having the same uniform didn’t help at all. Her husband showed up to surprise her with lunch, saw “her” from behind and decided to grab her a$$ and kiss her on the neck.

The timing couldn’t have been worse. I just happened to be waiting for my then boyfriend at the time, which is why I was in the front of house where her husband saw me. So my reaction was a giggle and turn to kiss who I thought was my boyfriend.

Twas not my boyfriend.

We both screamed and scared a lobby full of dinners. She just happened to round the corner with perfect timing to witness the neck kiss, me turn, us realize and freak out. She thought it was the funniest f**king thing ever. Her husband and I did not.

He apologized profusely and told me repeatedly that he felt like he violated me in a way. Even still, I feel weird when I think about it, but I’ve never been mad at him for the whole situation.

It was an innocent mistake, on both our parts.

7. Turn back in embarrassment.

I wanted to take a different route home because of the construction happening in my area, but couldnt be bothered opening google maps while driving so I followed this guy in front of me who u turned back.

I assumed he was going through another route until he pulls up on a random street and stopped to let me pass, it was a culdesac and had to u turn back in embarassment.

6. It can’t be helped.

When I’m walking late at night and as I approach the person in front of me they start to pick up the speed.

As a tallish dude wearing all black, who also happens to walk very fast — this.

It’s like… there’s not much I can do about it though, apart from maybe switch to the other side if that’s available.

5. A camera nerd.

When I was in college, I wanted to take pictures at parties for the memories. However, people always looked at me weird and reacted like I was being creepy, but when other people took pictures, it was fine. I didn’t understand it at all and felt sad.

I then realized years later it was probably because I always brought my Nikon DSLR camera with me and everyone else just took pics from their phone. It just didn’t click with me that people my age always took pictures with their phone all the time instead of a “real camera”.

So, in retrospect, it was pretty weird to think about your usual typical college rager in a dorm room and then there’s some Peter Parker-looking guy standing there taking pics with his Nikon DSLR hanging around his neck.

4. Just a little weird.

I might be weird but when I’m driving, sometimes I’ll remember license plates just because I tell myself I have to. “Do it just in case they are involved in a hit-and-run and you can be the hero the victims and police need!”

“The person who sped off was in a gray Chevy hatchback with Iowa plates, numbered VHY 698! They went that way!”

It’ll never happen and I will immediately forget the plate numbers after like four seconds.

3. He was circling the drain.

On Halloween a few years ago, me and a few of the other dads in town took our boys out trick-or-treating. One of the houses we stopped at belonged to a guy in town that I used to coach hockey with. I knew his younger kids, but he had a 17 year-old daughter who I knew by name but she didn’t know me at all.

My son rang the doorbell and the daughter came to the door dressed in a skin tight cat outfit, short skirt, knee high boots, etc – she was clearly about to leave for a halloween party. As my son is putting candy in his bag I said “Hi Sarah, I like your cat costume.” Not knowing who I am, she awkwardly responded “uh, thanks.” Then I said “are your mom and dad home?” and she shot me a look of combined fear and disgust.

Then I realized how creepy the situation looked so I quickly salvaged my dignity and said “I’m so sorry, I’m Mr. u/doctor-rumack, I coached your brother with your dad last year. I just realized you might not remember me.” She was definitely relieved, but I still felt like a total creep.

I saw her dad a week later and we were laughing about it.

2. Something about their face.

Probably at the age of like 8 I realized I was just creepy in general.

I have a really hard time remembering to express emotions with my face.

Most of the time I just talk with very deadpan expression and barely move my mouth when I speak

Whenever I was a kid I had to look in the mirror and actively practice making facial expressions because I just really didn’t do it naturally and both children and adults were very unsettled at this child that just never showed expressions other than maybe mild annoyance.

Yeah I don’t know if I have something medically wrong with me or if it was just from trauma but yeah as a kid I realized I was the creepy one and still kind of am because I don’t emote very well most of the time.

Like if I’m around people I try to actively remember to do it but if I’m just hanging out with people then I’m close with I don’t really bother.

Sadly this leads to my boyfriend not understanding when I’m being sarcastic or when I’m actually angry, for the fact that most of the time I don’t have much change in my tone of voice or my facial expressions.

A lot of the time I have to do what I consider “over exaggerating” My expressions just for people to pick up on them.

1. They just have a good memory.

I remember most details people tell me about their life and I can usually quote it back to them a long time after. Someone at work pointed out that it comes across as creepy to remember details like this and having the ability to summon it so quickly, she said it might make people think I was targeting them and keeping notes, etc (like I’m a stalker or something).

Nah, sweetie, I’m a socially-awkward people-pleaser with amazing attention to detail and I can’t even do a push-up without needing to take a break half way through, I couldn’t hurt anyone.

Y’all, I know these are super cringe but since they didn’t happen to me, they also kind of made me laugh.

Have you had a moment like this? Drop your confessions in the comments!