15 Pictures of Celebrities Before They Were Famous

I love looking at baby and toddler pictures of family and friends, trying to pick out the features that stayed and the ones that matured away. It’s also fun to look at pictures from those awkward pre-teen and rebellious high school years, for obvious reasons.

It’s equally interesting to look at celeb pics from way back when, because we obviously know what they look like now, too – and these 15 are pretty fun!

15. 19yo Bob Marley.

Wow. What a difference a few years makes.

Bob Marley “Rude Boy”, 1964
byu/europetobi inOldSchoolCool

14. Robin Williams at 18.

So much life ahead of him. Oof.

18 year old Robin Williams photographed in his Senior year of High School, 1969
byu/Kornichon inOldSchoolCool

13. Sean Connery in his Royal Navy garb.

You’ve gotta love a man in uniform.

Sean Connery during his time with the Royal Navy in 1946 [1200×1827]
byu/NotchbackKITT inHistoryPorn

12. Joe Biden in his mid-twenties.

Frat boy chic, anyone?

A 26 year old Joe Biden [1964?]
byu/Billobatch inOldSchoolCool

11. 16yo Jennifer Aniston on Halloween.

She honestly has barely aged in three decades.


10. Jim Carrey in his 20s.

The prime of his life, and so handsome.

A young Jim Carrey
byu/timehack inpics

9. David Harbour as a teen.

I would have been an absolute goner.


8. 1970s Tom Hanks.

That hair, y’all. I can’t get over it.

We still doing celebrity senior photos? Found Tom Hank’s from 1974
byu/Xenomorph02 inOldSchoolCool

7. Young Quentin Tarantino.

You can see the whole vibe that will define his career in one photo.

Young Quentin Tarantino ( 1983 )
byu/Animera-film inOldSchoolCelebs

6. Teenage Peter Dinklage.

The main difference is the defiant set of that jaw.

Peter Dinklage, 1980s
byu/lumphinans inOldSchoolCelebs

5. Clint Eastwood’s senior photo.

Its honestly a bit hard to see what’s become of him.

Clint Eastwood as a high school senior (1948)
byu/thecoolestguyonearth inOldSchoolCool

4. The Rock at 15.

I haven’t seen on teenager like this at the school where I substitute!


3. Morgan Freeman in his Air Force days.

I may have just swooned.


2. Susan Sarandon at 17.

What an absolute beauty.

Susan Sarandon, 17 Years Old (1963)
byu/Butterfly504 inOldSchoolCool

1. Ariana Grande when she was 8.

She was such a cutie.


Some of these people literally look exactly the same. Wild.

Which one would you have been able to pick out without a caption? Tell us in the comments!