15 Posts About Marriage That Might Be A Bit Too Real

I think that people doing the marriage thing every single day are the ones fighting the good fight. It’s not easy to stay in the trenches with the same person who leaves hair in the shower drain or the person who never, ever closes a cabinet, but somehow, a few of us are making it work.

These 15 tweets are funny because they’re true – but in some cases they’re so, so real you might be crying a little bit through the giggles.

But that’s ok. You’re not alone.

15. They aren’t good at waiting.

But at least you know they still love you.

14. We all have our strengths.

We have to know what we bring to the table.

13. I suppose there are worse things.

I’d be hard pressed to come up with one, but I’m sure it exists.

12. There are so many ways to express your anger.

You’ll find more and more the longer you’re married.

11. Everyone gets old.

Pretty soon he’ll start obsessing over the weather.

10. You never know what the air conditioner will be set at in public.

I keep a sweatshirt in my car, just in case.

9. That’s what it’s all about.

Pretending to both listen and be excited.

8. Keep him busy for awhile.

It’s for your own good, really.

7. No one is that mature.

We’re all just faking it.

6. They honestly don’t think ahead.

I don’t think they ever will.

5. What a good heart he has.

How do you recover from that?

4. Let him think it.

“Work out” can mean so many things.

3. Is this a test?

I feel like this is a test.

2. We all like that thing.

It should happen way more often.

1. Yep, definitely a test.

All of it, every day.

We’re doing it, y’all, Limping along together for another day. High five.

Tell me in the comments which of these