15 Posts That Are Locked And Loaded For Laughs

There are all sorts of reactions to posts on the internet – righteous outrage, solidarity, social change – but for most of us, I think it’s a place we know we can go when we need to blow off some steam.

You know, when we need a laugh.

If you ask me, the best of those funny tweets are the ones that can coax a smile from anyone who runs across them – anyone with a sense of humor, I mean – so if that applies to you, we think these 15 tweets will tickle your funny bone.

15. Those necessities are hard to afford.

And if you live with males you know the candles are just that.

14. It’s easy to tell when a cat is upset.

They’re existing in the world as a cat, for one.

13. Dad jokes never get old.

Just ask any dad that you know.

12. I hope that’s an empty threat.

Because it seems like the deal is done.

11. A double threat guy.

She’s definitely going to run for the hills.

10. He can’t help it.

It happens spontaneously when the baby is born.

9. Read this in a British accent.

If you did, you’re definitely laughing.

8. If only you could hold on to the high.

You know it’s not going to last.

7. The only time these words are ever uttered.

Unless you’re a parent, then you say it all the time.

6. What if this was really the way it went down?

It would make as much sense as anything.

5. You can’t help but like this tweet.

You can’t help but laugh.

4. That corgi regrets nothing.

And why would he?


3. There are all kinds of temples.

I’m just saying.

2. Just ask anyone who went to Harvard.

They’ll definitely tell you.

1. I mean, what other option could there be?

Except it wasn’t his idea to begin with – just saying.

Don’t you just feel all the more ready to tackle your day.

Which of these did you pass on to a friend? Share with us in the comments!