15 Tweets That are True Hidden Gems

Source: @NoTheOtherJohn

You can find pretty much any sort of tweet, if you’re looking for it. If you’re in the mood to get angry, Twitter’s got you. If you’re looking for dark humor, there’s plenty of that, and if you want to talk about The Great British Baking Show, well…I think you know people are willing.

If what you’re looking for today is funny, random thoughts, these 15 tweets should feed your need.

15. What a smart boi.

He deserves a treat.

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14. Can’t stop won’t stop.

That’s a good friend right there.

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13. They don’t need to feel badly, too.

You should feel badly enough for all of us.

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12. It’s hard to blame him.

Guess he had second thoughts, though.

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11. They really should update their pain scale.

We’re used to the stars thing, now.

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10. That is an emergency.

I don’t understand the confusion.

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9. Start paying up, kid.

I don’t care if it is your birthday.

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8. Every single time.

By now, you just accept it.

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7. This made me spit out my drink.

He looks as if he gained weight?

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6. I do not like this.

Don’t be proud about not reading, friends.

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5. I don’t see the connection?

And yeah, I approve of the language.

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4. She’s not wrong.

There are not enough hours in the day.

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3. When you put it that way…

I’m going to have to rethink my position.

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2. I can’t look away.

It’s like a car accident.

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1. If Google had a personality.

Maybe it does; what do I know?

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That was the perfect snack, I think!

Which was your favorite bite? Tell us in the comments!