15 Super Rare Things Most People Assume Are Common

This is an interesting question (posed on Reddit), because I feel like in most cases it’s kind of the opposite – we assume things are rare and pay way too much money for them when in fact, they’re super common (like diamonds).

At first, I couldn’t even come up with an answer to this question but if you feel the same, never fear – these 15 people have some interesting answers that will definitely make you think.

15. Kids today will never understand.

Intentionally tainted Halloween candy. Remember growing up some kids couldn’t trick or treat because their parents feared psychos who poisoned the candy or slipped razor blades into the tootsie rolls or whatever?

Yeah, as far as I can determine it’s a myth and never happens. If it did, think about how easy it would be to trace and capture said person.

14. I mean even I’ve seen one.

Waterfalls with caves behind them, if video games are any indication.

13. Education isn’t great.

Photosensitive epilepsy.

Only 3% of all epileptics are triggered by flashing lights, but it’s what most people think of when you mention seizures.

To add to that, not all seizures are the kind where you fall down and flop around.

My brother has severe epilepsy, and most of his seizures are just like he’s really spaced out.

12. Don’t even get us started.

An entry level candidate who already has 3-10 years of experience in all relevant fields.

My previous field is currently advertising jobs that require a bachelor’s degree, and offering $40k.

I was doing that shit with 5 years experience and earning $60k, but now no-one wants to know me because I don’t have a degree.

F**k it, I’m retraining into a new career path. Yeehaa.

11. Not according to novels.

Having green eyes.

Having really light colored eyes in general is pretty rare- light green, icy blue, light amber.

10. Still, lock your doors.

Lawyer here!

Pleas of not-guilty by reason of insanity. Fewer than a third of one percent of all cases involve such a plea, and even fewer are successful. TV makes it sound as though everyone is trying it, though.

Being murdered by a stranger, rather than someone you already know

9. It’s a pain if you do, though.

Penicillin allergies occur in less than 1% of the population but over 10% of people report having the allergy.

8. Please give it a try.

Surviving if you ever need CPR. And if you do, you still can have serious problems.

Movies and TV greatly overexaggerate the success rate of CPR which makes it hard for healthcare workers when families (with no clue what a real code is actually like) are in charge of their loved ones code status thinking its a sure fire thing but are just promoting patient suffering.

7. Come to think of it…


IIRC there’s only 13 in the whole world and only 11 are functional.

Ok I google’d it and there are about 25 in the world and half are actually used.

I live in an area where I drive by a docked one every so often and usually just think, ‘oh cool, there’s a blimp’.

I’ve never thought, ‘I’m seeing 4% of all blimps in the universe right now’

6. So sing along.

Being ‘tone deaf’. I’m a music teacher and in my whole life I’ve come across less than 10 individuals who truly cannot match pitch or tell the difference between what they’re trying to sing and what is in fact coming out of their mouths.

These people are usually completely unaware and think they’re singing just fine and yet I constantly hear ‘I’m so tone deaf, I can’t sing at all’ from people with completely normal ability.

I blame all the ‘idol’ and ‘talent’ shows for making average people think if they’re not Beyoncé they should never sing and are awful. Most of us can hold a simple tune and enjoy doing so.

5. More than diamonds.

Turquoise! I’m beginning study to be a jewelsmith and apparently most of the turquoise on the planet has already been mined and used. What we use today is a stone called howlite that can visually imitate it.

If it’s real it’s likely hand-mined from the few small mines remaining that have some left. Real turquoise is very expensive as a result.

4. Go ahead, follow through.

Someone who has threatened to sue you follows through and files a lawsuit against you.

When I actually did sue someone they were mostly shocked that I had sued them (despite having told them I was going to sue them for months) and came completely unprepared to the hearing.

Now mind you, I had the date 7 months in advance so I didn’t need to only serve them notice the legal minimum 10 days before hand. But they also didn’t need to steal from me sooooo.

3. Bring the sunscreen.

Being bitten by any venomous creature in Australia.

Everyone who comes to Australia is scared of the animals but forgets the real final boss: the sun.

2. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s money for all.

Making it big on Youtube/Twitch.

1. The more you know.


Because real wasabi is actually rare due to the plant being difficult to grow.

Most “wasabi” you get is actually a horseradish base.

Yeah, a few of these definitely surprised me (which I love).

What else would you put on this list? If you’ve got something good, drop it in the comments!