If you could wave your magic wand and get all of human society to stop doing something immediately, what would it be? I feel like most of us could come up with a short list (or a long one) if you gave us five or ten minutes.

These 15 people have some pretty reasonable suggestions if you ask me; take a scroll and see whether or not you agree!

15. It’s hard to understand, honestly.

Littering and…. Littering and…. Littering and…. Littering and….

14. A no-brainer.

Child abuse.

13. Get it together, social media.

Reddit showing me posts from subs I didn’t subscribe to.

Twitter showing unrelated tweets where the replies should be. Yeah I can click more but still, cut that out.

12. Don’t ask for one.

People who say “wheres my hug?”

When I was young my grandfather treated me like I didn’t exist(I was capable of making conversations with adults), but when he walked in and I gave my aunt and uncle hugs first he acted all upset and said “wHErEs My hUG?”

11. We would all be better off.

Pyramid schemes.

Multi-level marketing. Pyramid schemes are illegal, the spin-off MLMs (Lularoe and the like) are not and are dangerous.

10. Just stay home.

Acting as if coming to work sick is OK. Especially if you have a job that’s easily done from home. In today’s world if you work inside and would be “sharing” air with coworkers all day due to the ventilations recycling system, you should work from home.

I’ve been sick all last week and into this week. Having coughing fits so bad I have to run to the bathroom because they’re about to make me throw up. There is no reason I shouldn’t be working from home and the only reason I’m not is because of the traditional company culture where I work that believes you would get less done at home and they’ve normalized coming to work sick.

Which is likely why I’m sick now. In a mid covid world, why is this still okay?

9. Think of the kids.

Family vlogging, erase it from existence.

I think there should be protections for children set up in the least where they can’t be shown on social media in that way, or allow them to sue their parents for it later.

Some of these vlog kids are going to be so messed up

8. Kids will just follow.

TikTok challenges. It’s really getting nasty and dangerous.

Damaging school property is one thing, but there are tiktok challenges encouraging kids to swallow batteries and magnets. If it’s not being moderated then it seriously needs to be banned, people have already died because of it and nothing is being done.

7. Let kids be kids.

Child beauty pageants. Those should not exist.

Come to the philippines where they have transgender child beauty pageants.

While its not the fact they are transgender that is the issue. It’s the fact they are even more hyper sexualised than regular child beauty pageants.

Pretty disturbing stuff tbh. Just let kids be kids.

6. In what world is this polite?

People talking LOUD on cell speakerphone in public places.

Had a chick going off on someone in the gas station today. She could have gave a fuck less that everyone could here. Probably got off to it.

5. It’s an addiction.

Stop posting every single second of your life on social media.

Seeing people on social media who constantly overshare just kills me. “Today, I finally got the mole on my butt removed. Here are the photos from the procedure.” Etc. Like, dude, I don’t need (or want) to know.

People who constantly post on social media have a high chance of needing validation and approval from others. They have to make sure everyone knows they have stuff going on.

4. They can be rough.

Mondays. checks clock, sighs

3. We can all agree here, right?

Over the top Baby Gender Reveals, one recently caused a wildfire that claimed the life of a firefighter.

You are twice as likely to die at a gender reveal party as you are from a shark attack, that is a real statistic that just boggles my mind.

2. Just leave it alone.

Movie remakes. Unless the original movie is God-awful then it’s okay but if not then please just leave it alone.

i refuse to watch the remake of Point Break for that exact reason. there is zero chance of the new one being better.

1. He just keeps going…

Energizer Bunny.

That dude needs a vacation.

Yeah, I think they could easily get a second (or third) for these suggestions.

If you’ve got a thought that’s not on this list, lay it on us in the comments!