15 Times People Gathered Evidence of Glitches in The Matrix

Okay, so we don’t want to freak you out… but I think we’ve found legit evidence of The Matrix. Or, well, reddit has.

Listen, whether you notice it or not, there are glitches in The Matrix just about every day. Sometimes we just see them, but other times people actually get photographic evidence… and then share them with the world!

It’s like to get absolutely freaky deaky!

1. The invasion will commence shortly…

I, for one, welcome our alien overlords.

from r/pics
byu/mrblahblahblah inGlitchInTheMatrix

2. Doppelgangers everywhere!

A bus full of Karens is called a Moving Argument. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.

Glitch in the matrix
byu/Balzan12 innevertellmetheodds

3. An odd reflection…

Doesn’t this look like a scene from Inception?

The reflection off a skyscraper looks like the sky
byu/Wolfcubware inGlitchInTheMatrix

4. What are the chances of that?

In case you can’t see it. “PEEKABOO” and “I SEE U”

Perfectly timed car number plates
byu/VerucaMoon inGlitchInTheMatrix

5. That is out of control.

That’s not a glitch! That’s a feature!

My friend’s dad is at a Santa convention, for people who play Santa during Christmas. This is during breakfast at the hotel.
byu/Songs4Soulsma inGlitchInTheMatrix

6. Three’s a crowd.

Maybe they’re related?

Same dude plays for both teams (and watches the game)
byu/tallescabral inGlitchInTheMatrix

7. Wait… where’s the other E?

Look at the shadow. Now you see it…

Noticed this glitch in the matrix in spoons last night
byu/Becausetoast inGlitchInTheMatrix

8. Okay, what is THAT?

I can’t… how does that even happen?!?

TV scene changed while photo was being taken
byu/AvivaSappir inGlitchInTheMatrix

9. The world is run by Windows 98.

Haha… what a world.

10. Think about that one…

Because I can’t figure it out.

I… Just… Don’t… Know…….
byu/The-Licker-Of-Balls inGlitchInTheMatrix

11. Living in a skybox.

Alright, this one is pretty easy to explain, but it LOOKS cool.

Reflections in the window look like a glitch in a skybox
byu/RoosterjayP inmildlyinteresting

12. Pixelated sidewalk.

I refuse to believe that the world is a simulation… I refuse to believe that the world is a simulation…

When you decrease shadow resolution…
byu/brohannes95 inGlitchInTheMatrix

13. I’m losing it!

OMFG… stop the floor from moving or I might fall off!

This floor looks like it’s glitching out
by inmildlyinteresting

14. Need the backstory on this one.

Ermmm…. are we growing humans now?

A man that seems to be glitched into the ground.
byu/leemuel01 inmildlyinteresting

15. Heavenly cat.

Cats are from heaven, dogs are from Cleveland.

Took a picture on snapchat & the photo glitched out and now it looks like my cat is looking at my dog from Heaven.
byu/xMethyy inmildlyinteresting

Weird and wild stuff, right?

If you’ve had this happen to you, share some pics in the comments. Let’s get even weirder!

Please and thank you!