16 Double Standards That Really Drive People Mad

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that there are far, far too many double standards in this world.

I mean, one is really too many, but there are some huge, glaring ones out there that honestly I can’t believe are still around – and these 16 are some of the biggest offenders of all.

16. I hate this.

“you never open up and share your feelings with me” -> “dont be so sensitive, be more of a man”

Everyone wants more emotionally intelligent men, but nobody wants to hear about or help with our problems.

15. What’s the difference?

Playing a videogame in the evening is considered a bad habit and bad for you, yet the same people who say that spend every minute home either watching TV or on their phone.

I’ve even suggested to my parents that they could try games that appeal to them, my mum’s response is “I can’t think of anything worse than sitting in front of a screen for hours!” and my dad’s is simply “I don’t have the time.”

They both spend most of the evening watching tv and browsing on their phones, and my dad also spends evenings sat watching fail compilations on youtube.

14. Something to prove.

I (30f) have been doing Muay Thai for a couple of years, and at my current gym we have twice a week classes where we do light/touch sparring. This means light or no contact.

Most of the big guys and strong fighters get the message. But most older guys, newer guys, and several women/girls don’t seem to think this rule applies to them and come in throwing haymakers and full-force kicks, and they don’t really get stopped.

Some of us have actual fights coming up and we don’t want to get injured the week before because someone had something to prove.

13. Um, not nice.

Hung out drinking with a female friend of mine once. She couldn’t drive home, so I offered to let her crash on my couch. She actually said, “Okay, but we’re not having sex.” I was like, “Cool, didn’t want to anyways, since I’m trying to talk to someone else, and you have a boyfriend.”

I wake up at 4am to discover She must have changed her mind because my boxers are at my ankles and she’s on top of me just going for a ride.

I told some of my friends, and it was like that episode of Southpark, everyone’s response was, “niiiice”.

12. Still, be careful.

Chemical for industrial use: 6 hour training on hazardous materials and piles of paperwork talking about how dangerous it is.

Same exact chemical for home use: Pretty marketing and “keep out of reach of children” in size 6 font.

To be fair, most home quality cleaning chemicals are dilute enough to not require industrial level safety procedures to be used safely. Sure, bleach isnt something you should screw around with but it’s not going to melt your skin like industrial strength base can.

11. This makes me so mad.

Parenting expectations.

My wife died when my kids were 11 months and 2 years old. When I took the kids to the grocery store, without fail I’d get comments like “oh daddy’s day out, huh?”

Breaking point for me was taking them out to eat, I sat there for 20 minutes after being seated, and finally the server came back to the table and goes “did you want to try ordering for the kids or are we still waiting for mom?”

I straight up said to her “well we’d be waiting a long time because she’s dead. I don’t need to try I can order just fine”

10. So icky.

Woman is good with kids = aaaaaaw

Man is good with kids = Better keep an eye on him, he’s up to something. Or let’s just attack him anyway. Better safe than sorry!

9. If that.

Poor person steals = prison sentence.

Rich person steals = slap on wrist.

8. And it’s not the only one.

In the US the gender double standard on criminal conviction rates and punishments for said crimes is pretty abysmal.

Especially in cases of rape or domestic abuse.

7. Like, never.

Rich/politicians making laws that they never follow.

6. So much for feminism.

I live in a country where women can retire 5 years early and military draft is male only (fortunately it was put on hold).

5. It’s really not fair.

I used to work at a place where the importance hierarchy was:

  • people with kids
  • married people (no kids)
  • single people

At that time, we were meeting to discuss a big release with a lot of things happening. The head honcho said “Ok, DulceEtBanana will come in at 230am to starts {something}” and moved on to the next item.

I said “wait wait how is that my job with no discussion?” “Because it’s either you or Dave and Dave’s got 2 kids. You’re single, of course it’s to you.”

I pointed out Dave’s kids would be sound asleep at 230am and “Maybe I should find a kid who wants in on the deal” and got written up for it. Fuck them, they went out of business a year later anyway.

4. There’s cash…for some people.

Projects and initiatives for the betterment of society (social safety net, healthcare, superannuation, infrastructure) ‘drain the system’ but when it’s time to bail out large corporations, increase wages of already rich and successful people tenfold, or pay someone large amounts for a dodgy little scheme on the side, there’s seemingly endless cash lying around.

3. You shouldn’t.

“snitches get stitches” mentality never made sense to me in school.

Like, you can bully me, verbally abuse me, steal my stuff and hit me, people are ok with that.

But if I drop someone in it and they get in trouble for their own actions, somehow that is worse?

Why should I let someone be an asshole to me?

2. More than annoying.

Last night a group of girls asked to see my (male) ass and nobody batted an eye.

I can guarantee that if I asked to see their ass I would have been bruised like… uhh…. something that gets bruised a lot.

But for real, that stuff gets annoying

1. They’re always the ones.

Being told to work harder by people who haven’t worked a day in their life.

Y’all, can we just get rid of this nonsense? Like, today?  If we work together I bet we can!

What double standard is your pet peeve? If it’s not on this list, drop it in the comments!