16 Of The Most Destructive Lies Ever Told

Lying might be one of those things that everyone does, but when you’re in a position of power and leadership, it’s always something that should make you think twice.

Sadly, the fact that being in a position of power or leadership means you’re less likely to be caught encourages the opposite, and history is full of some pretty dubious decisions when it comes to telling the truth.

These 16 lies might be some of the most destructive of all time.

16. It’s always someone else.

That other group (religious, nation origin, etc) is the source of your problems.

15. Not sure this has ever been a thing.

Politicians are looking out for your best interests.

14. It’s definitely the other way around.


That the earth and nature exist to serve humans.

I’m constantly astounded by how many people are walking around thinking the world should exist to service their needs.

Nah, nature and just most plain other humans don’t give a f**k about you. We’re a tiny blip in the history of the universe, and as an individual you’re an even tinier one. One out of roughly 8,000,000,000 just as of today, let alone the rest of human history and its future.

13. The carbon footprint lie.

Climate change is YOUR fault. YOU need to change the way YOU do things. Not the corporate conglomerate that’s pumping a billion tons a year

BP is the one that created the while “know your carbon footprint” campaign….

After the gulf oil spill.

12. Who really thinks that?

Corporations should have the same rights as people

11. We’re all in this together.

The idea that we are separate and disconnected from each other and our environment.

One of the most insidious aspects of this, and the one I think people rebel/get defence about the most is that this separation is because we are ‘masters’ of our environment. Which feeds into the notion that we can just technology our way through every problem, because after all, if we are separate from our environment, we aren’t part of nature.

I’m reality, we are so fundamentally interconnected to our environment and every part of it. We delude ourselves that we aren’t, we separate ourselves from it, and I truly feel this damage goes far beyond just physical. I think it harms our social and mental health in very deep ways.

If you don’t have to care about your environment, take any responsibility or care for the basic parts of our world that we are interconnected to and rely upon, how can we connect with and care for others in deep and meaningful ways?

10. Sad how common this is…

“I’m going out for milk and cigarettes. I’ll be back in an hour” -Dad

9. We all do it a couple of times a month, at least.

“I have read and agree to the terms of use.”

This applies to 100% of the population. Not one person reads those forms. There’s nobody.

8. Makes you a little ill, right?

Too big to fail – welcome to your modern day slavery, taxes and inflation.

7. Why don’t we just tell them the truth?

That having the interior light on in the car was an arrestable offense

it is distracting at night. Just had my 2-year-old insist on keeping it on while we were driving home late.

It was bothering me, and nothing should distract a driver, especially at night

6. Many still believe.

If we give tax breaks to the wealthy the wealth will trickle down!

5. The chicken or the egg.

Vaccine cause autism.

Neil Degrasse Tyson once commented that quite a few scientists are on the autism spectrum.

So, technically, autism causes vaccines.

4. If only that were true.

You can achieve anything you want in your life if you work hard enough.

3. I mean, you can if you want to.

“You just gotta believe!”

2. I guess it worked.

In pre catholic bibles, hell isn’t mentioned. The words that are translated to ‘Hell’ are Seoul and Gehenna, places outside of Jerusalem where bodies and trash were burned.

The Catholic Church made Hell up to scare people. Many of whom couldn’t read to fact check this at the time.

1. They still haven’t surfaced.

Iraq has weapons of mass destruction

So many redditors weren’t alive at the time, but for those of us who were so much of the country would basically view you as a traitor if you questioned anything about Iraq. You’d be shocked how many people believed it and would fight you over it.

You’d get the same attacks if you told someone almost all the hijackers were Saudis. I still don’t understand how the PR campaign for the BS was so stupidly effective.

Yikes, y’all. We really haven’t been the best at deciding who should be in power, have we.

What other lies belong on this list? We’re all ears in the comments!