16 People Muse On What No Longer Needs To Exist In The Modern World

We have so, so many things in this world that our grandparents could never have imagined, never mind our ancestors further back than that. We’re constantly innovating, developing new normals, and increasing the ease with which we can navigate this world.

Why, then, do these 16 things still exist at all? We don’t have answers, but maybe you will!

16. This makes me rage.

Or when ordering food online. Chipotle literally adds a service fee to “help offset the costs of digital convenience” when you order through the app.

How everyone collectively continues to use Uber Eats and all the other apps is beyond me. Always a problem. Comments (e.g. include cutlery) are ignored. Local fee. Service fee. XYZ fee. An insane markup from the actual, original price on the menu. Uber Eats customer service is so damn bad, they randomly decide when they just want to stop responding, refuse to listen when experiences were bad, etc. Why do we keep supporting these apps?!

15. This is a scam.

Taking 3-5 days to put money back into my account after you took it instantly.

It takes time to “process” aka sit in their account with millions of other dollars and accrue daily interest

14. Having to call anyone, tbh.

Having to call to make bill payments.

I just made the final payment on my car. For 5 years they have automatically withdrawn the payment but for the final payment I either had to call or go into the bank.

Yesterday I called and the lady said there is a $10 charge for doing it over the phone. So I went into the bank today, and all I did was stand there while the teller clicked a few buttons and it took the money from my checking to pay off the loan.

Like why did any of that need to happen just automatically withdraw the money like before. What makes it worse is the last payment was less than my normal payment.

13. Amen to that.

Telephone/SMS network stacks which can’t tell you anything about where a call or message came from.

They also allow source numbers to be easily spoofed, and provides no security features at all to block unwanted calls or texts.

We already pay these companies enough for their shitty service. Get with the f**king programme.

12. There’s definitely a reason for that.

Or the fact that I have to go to my local gym to cancel the membership.

Best of all, it’s a chain. Like a full on big brand chain. And when they closed the branch near my old place, they just automatically transferred me to the next closest branch. But I can’t go to one close to my current place because I have to go to my “home branch”.

Funny how the transfer is super easy and done electronically but they can’t cancel my membership at any branch.

11. It’s such a waste.

Junk mail, just filling up the mailbox with crap.

And going straight to the trash/recycling.

10. They don’t make them like they used to.


Buy a house they said! It’ll be great!

All fun and games until you get your first leak!

9. We all understand the emphasis.



8. It never ends.

My adult acne.

Like how have we not solved acne.

Or gray hair! I should not have gray hairs and acne at the same time.

7. It’s because they don’t actually want you to do it.

Mail-in Rebates. In the age of digital everything, it’s ridiculous that these things are still around.

I think it’s to make it harder for people to actually get the rebate, but they can advertise the lower price of the item. There’s a form, you need the receipt, have to get a stamp, envelope. And an expiration date that it’s easy to miss.

Then the company gets to not pay out. But yeah it’s bs.

6. So what is the fee FOR?

Paying $4.99 delivery fee to the pizza place, and they say DELIVERY FEE IS NOT A TIP FOR THE DRIVER. The drivers use their own cars and pay for their own gas, and they sure as hell aren’t getting any of that $5.

5. That’s the government.

I work for USPS. Went to request a day off and the form required carbon paper to copy.

No amount of technology will cure government agencies of unnecessary red tape.

4. It kind of makes you want to cry.

Polio and measles.

I got measles when I was 18. 0/10, would not recommend. That’s the only vaccine I didn’t get as a child, I don’t even know why.

3. No they do not.

E-ticket processing fees. Seriously, do these have any function other than making money for some middle man?

A lot of the things in this thread are just business practices that they do to make more money. Extracting profit is the reason behind most of this bullshit. They don’t care if people hate it, they’re still getting more money this way.

2. How is this still a job?

I scrolled this whole f**king thread and didn’t find the most obvious of all answers:


I don’t even get any other type of call, yet I still get this crap daily.

1. Who uses checks still??

Convenience fees being applied when you pay a bill online.

Under California law, it’s illegal for a landlord to require cash and/or electronic deposits as the sole methods to pay rent. Landlords must allow a tenant to pay rent using at least one of these other options as well: check, cashier’s check, or money order.

I never honestly thought about some of these, but I have to agree.

What else would you put on this list? Share with us in the comments!