16 People Tell Jimmy Fallon the Reasons Why They’re Single

Image credit: Twitter

Being married is great, but as my happily single friends are quick to point out, remaining single can have its merits too.

A lot of the time, singletons seem to get a bad rap, as society sits around waiting for them to follow the socially expected path of getting married, having children, the end.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon recently leaned into this trope of teasing single folks, when he tweeted:

Fallon started off the game, by tweeting about a friend of his who was single.

Frankly, I don’t see anything to make fun of. We should all be more like Kevin.

Some people did see a little humor in the question, sharing their little idiosyncrasies that they were fine with, but that might discourage a long-term relationship.

Like secret and not-so-secret obsessions:

Be they real people or simply characters:

Sometimes your foibles are things you can help, and sometimes not.

There was also the weighted blanket crowd, which… yeah. Waited blankets are amazing.

A number of people seemed to agree with this person’s food habits, so maybe he just needs to find a partner on Twitter.

And this one, for me, raised so many questions:

Are they single because they couldn’t find a partner who could tolerate the 3AM parties?

Or are they single because they don’t want anyone to be bothered by their 3AM parties?

The world may never know 🤔

Some people made jokes about online dating apps:

Even companies like Kraft got in on the joke:

Other users got all too real.

There was this person, who honestly just really loves their dogs:

Apparently it’s not uncommon for pets to come between partners:

Pretty typically, the cat lady got a few laughs.

Why is it acceptable to talk to your dog, but strange to talk to your cat?

And this person, who has political priorities, can’t be bothered:

But a number of the responses showed that young people today aren’t really buying it anymore.

It’s not funny or a flaw, it’s just a fact.

Knowing what will make you happy is a good thing.

Not having to share can also be a bonus.

Honestly, some people choose to be single and some people don’t, but for the most part you just are until you aren’t, whether you’re looking or trying too hard or not.

Did we leave out any good ones? Tell us in the comments.