16 People Vent About The Double Standard That Dives Them Crazy

There are so many double standards in the world that it can be hard to keep track. Like most small(ish) annoyances in life, though, most of us manage to go about our days without getting too worked up.

That said, I think we all have the ones that are like a pebble in our shoe, right?

These 16 people definitely do, and they’re sharing the ones that drive them absolutely up a wall.

16. So icky.

My manager at work not paying for her drinks but not allowing staff to even get staff discount for theirs.

I bet the owner would like to hear about it.

15. So unreasonable.

My principal taking days to read and reply to my emails, if ever, VS me being told at 8 in the morning that I should have known something because he sent me an email at 10 in the evening the night before.

They know they’re being unreasonable, they just enjoy the power trip they get by making you feel like you’re incompetent. It’s just an evil little mind game narcissists love to play.

14. Just stand there and take it.

Customers being able to verbally and sometimes physically assault workers while the worker just has to stand there and take it or they’ll be fired.

13. It’s not right.

Defending yourself. The fact that someone can punished for defending themselves when no one else would, in my experience worse, is bullshit to me. Example a former bullied kid that punched back and got screwed.

Happened to my boyfriend several times in school. He got jumped but when he hit back he got in trouble. Insanity.

12. You hate to hear it.

Nurse here. Almost every single one of my colleagues has been physically assaulted at some point in their career.

We are often discouraged by upper management not to press charges or contact the police.

We’re also often asked what we could have done differently.

11. A team player.

My boss dipping out on a Thursday afternoon to go get f**ked up at the golf course, but i ask for one friday off every few months and he’s like AAHHH CMON MAN I NEED YOU TO BE A TEAM PLAYER.

10. I, too, hate this.

Why is dental insurance different from “health insurance” aren’t teeth part of my overall health wth!!

Eyes too. I can barely see without glasses, I certainly can’t drive or do most kinds of work without them, why does insurance treat it as a separate thing?

9. What is that all about?

“Entry level jobs” that require experience.

They think it weeds out the ones with no experience, but it just gives them candidates who are prepared to exaggerate or lie.

Its also concerning how often i see stuff like “5 years experience with this thing that came out like a year or two ago” on job requirements.

8. Just ask George Costanza.

I have to be exactly on time for an appointment or risk a fine and no appointment. Yet a doctor can make you wait hours sometimes without even a “thank you for waiting” or “sorry about the wait”

I’m like “how the f**k can you be running late when I’m literally the first patient?!”

7. They don’t value your time.

Your boss getting angry if you’re a couple minutes late but then expects you to have no problem regularly staying on 2+ hours after your shift is meant to end.

I don’t have a problem with staying and doing overtime, but when it starts to be a drama every time I want to leave a bit early with those tens to hundreds of saved up OT hours you can f**k right off.

If that’s how we play then OT is over and done with.

6. It goes both ways.

Some people I know who are strongly against gender norms told me that I shouldn’t have a say in my wedding since I’m a man…and that my fiancé alone makes the decisions

It was pretty fng confusing

5. Do as we say…

Politicians who come up with dumb to asinine laws.

They vigorously enforce them upon all of the regular citizens, but somehow find ways to exempt themselves from being subject to the same obligations to keep and follow them, as we are.

4. Pot, meet Kettle.

The tinder attitude of “impress me,” and “I have standards,” “Be funny,” “Don’t be boring.”

meanwhile person is boring

3. Having boundaries.

If a boss or job manager by the time clock then they pay me by the time clock. If they want flexibility after work then I get flexibility while at work. Doesn’t work only for their benefit

Honestly, even as a salaried employee, I turn my work phone and computer off at the end of the day. I do work extra hours on occasion when it’s necessary but never as the norm.

Draw your boundaries. Don’t let them do that to you

2. Boils your blood.

Politicians being able to openly violate the law and nobody does anything.

1. Put your money where your mouth is.

To borrow from Matt Haig: people being ok with mental illness until someone shows symptoms of one.

People like to talk about being cool with it, act all understanding, and then get super hostile if someone with untreated mental illness shows up.

They don’t mind it when they can’t see it, but can’t handle it when they actually see it in action.

I have to say, these are all really annoying, right?

What’s a double standard that really gets under your skin? Let us know in the comments!