16 People Who Have Strong Beliefs About Things They Can’t Prove

This might seem like a bit of a touchy question right now, but don’t fear – we’re not going down the road of if and when to question established science today.

These 16 people have more personal, in some cases, and universal in others, beliefs about what exactly is going on behind the scenes of our world – even though they absolutely can’t prove it.

16. Isn’t this a fact?

Companies are offering monthly payment plans in an effort to normalize having a low income and high debt.

A number of department stores just did away with layaway (you pay a little bit at a time until you’ve paid the whole pricetag and then you get to bring the item home) and in its place introduced a credit system where you get the item immediately and have to pay monthly payments + interest on them.

You know -the spirit of Christmas.

15. I would buy this.

I genuinely think my dog licks my fiancé in bed by pretending to show love but really he’s just slowly pushing him further away so that he can steal his pillow and eventually to get him out of bed.

He also purposely has a hard time grabbing his bone constantly dropping it until he “accidentally” drops it on the hard wood next to my face while I’m sleeping just to wake me up.

14. Sometimes it’s your gut.

I think my mom’s ex boyfriend raped my sister. We don’t have any evidence. He was abusive towards my mom so we got him out of her life, and then we noticed my sister gets noticeably on edge around men.

He won’t talk, and my sister is mentally disabled and won’t tell us. I’m 100% certain of it in my gut.

13. You could make an argument.

DeflateGate was intentionally spurred on by the NFL to distract from concussion lawsuits and domestic violence headlines.

Or it was intentionally spurred on by ESPN primarily because they have a desperate need to fill airtime and it was the perfect type of storyline to constantly generate updates and reactions with a strong emotional response purely confined to the arena of sport.

12. She can never prove it.

I’m 100% positive my sister died of covid before covid was supposed to be in my state.

We had something really bad going around in the fall of 2019 and the Winter of 2020. It sent many people to the hospital with pneumonia or breathing difficulties. Several customers at my place of work were diagnosed with COPD even though they never smoked. Others coughed up blood. My coworker came to work sick as a dog in January 2020 and I sat across from him at lunch along with another coworker. The next week I got sicker than I have ever been. My sister and her husband also got very ill even though we hadn’t been in contact. I could barely breathe and had to sleep for 3 days leaning upright on the back of the couch. I was so ill I almost broke down and went to the ER even though at the time I was uninsured and never went to the doctor. My coworker that I got it from went to the doctor and they did a test for the flu but it came back negative. The other coworker that sat beside me at lunch also got sick and she too came back negative for influenza. A week later my sister and her husband fell ill and ended up at the doctors office. They both tested negative for influenza.

Two days after my sister went to the doctor, she got out of bed and fell dead to the floor. That was February 18th, 2020. We assumed she had a heart attack, the cause of death was a heart attack only because of the sudden death and her history of having a heart attack a few decades before. No autopsy was done and she was cremated. This was about the same time Covid showed up on the West coast. We live in North Carolina and no covid was supposed to be in the state at that time. My coworker that got it the same time I did had a brother who also had it and ended up in the hospital with a very virulent pneumonia (tested negative for influenza) and died the same day my sister did.

I swear to this day my sister and my coworker’s brother both died of covid but no proof and no way to prove it.

11. I don’t want to believe it.

I am convinced that the electronics items sold at steep discounts on Black Friday are the ones that don’t test as well at the factory.

Like, when they do quality control tests, the ones that rate 90% or whatever are the ones that are tagged and sent out for Black Friday sales.

My higher end Samsung 65″ I bought on black Friday two years ago is the absolute biggest POS I have ever paid money for. Constantly won’t turn off with a black screen, crashes my internet almost daily, major software issues Samsung hasn’t addressed yet.

They won’t fix s*%t with support help either.

10. Those are facts, Sir.

My cat knocked over the water glass on purpose.

9. That’s quite a memory.

When I was a kid I watched an episode of VH1’s Pop Up Video. I swear there was a blurb in the segment for Madonna’s “Take a Bow” video that talked about her having sex with a bull while shooting this video. They then went on to make blurbs comparing human semen ejaculation to bull ejaculation. Pop up Video seemed to end shortly after this.

I have not been able to find this segment of Pop Up Video anywhere online to prove to myself whether or not what I saw was true, however I can find record that there was an episode of pop up video that did include “Take a Bow” and there is video of the two other segments included in that episode but “Take a Bow” is missing.

I think this sunk “pop up video” and is the reason they’ve never released the series on DVD.

8. I love historical theories.

That the Polynesians made it into north and South America long before anyone else. I’m talking like 4000 years ago. Ancient Polynesians were so good at circumnavigation that they knew exactly where they were going roughly 2000 years before their counterparts.

It wasn’t until 1759 that Europeans knew how to figure out where they were at sea (latitude wise). That was when a sextant was invented. There is no physical evidence of them making it to the America’s, however they have made it equally as far west, so why not east?

Also, and I know this is not evidence, but there is a tribe in the Amazon who believes that their people were saved and brought from their original homeland to the jungle on the coast of Peru.

They don’t describe a god, they describe “others” bringing them from super far distances in a ship and then leaving to go back that incredibly far distance. That tribe has had dna tests done and they carry a lot of the same DNA as Polynesians, all the way into the center of Brazil.

The dna comes from between Papúa New Guinea and the Andaman Islands from the Bay of Bengal and even some from the New Zealand area.

7. Especially in government.

That incompetence and self interest is responsible for most of the bad shit that happens in world politics rather than conspiracies.

I’ve spent the past few years involved in local government in the US (township, city council levels) and wow, the incompetence is astounding.

The nut jobs claiming conspiracy have clearly never attended a single meeting and listened to some of these elected officials speak

6. Oddly specific, but ok.

That those people who “accidentally” show porn in class are secretly getting off on it.

5. Lots of people think the NFL is underhanded.

The NFL politicized kneeling to distract from CTE research.

My brother played high school football in the late ‘90s and suffered at least three or four concussions that I can remember. As he got older, his personality got more and more unpredictable until he got fired from the job he had worked at for twenty years. At this point, he went on a bender, using meth and heroin. He was eventually found, almost dead from an overdose, with a needle still in his arm. Eventually he went to live with my parents and was basically lobotomized from his brain being without oxygen.

I’m convinced he and others of his age that suffered similar head injuries are victims of CTE. One young man who played with him completed suicide in his late 20s. Another became a narcotics officer and was involved in a dramatic murder/suicide. A few others are nursing various substance issues.

There is definitely something there but if it was investigated fully it would end multi-billion dollar industries.

4. I’m invested now.

Something in my old elementary school is causing people to get cancer.

I lived in a small town, right around 4,000 people. I went to the private Catholic school in the area which was even smaller, I graduated with 15 in my class and there were less than 300 students total at the time.

Despite this very small amount of people, 6 students and faculty members have been diagnosed with cancer over the past 5 years.

The odds are so unbelievably slim that I’m sure something cancer causing is in the building, but who knows what or where it is.

3. Oooh good one.

Facebook used the outage as an opportunity to delete any emails, memos, or other work product that would be incriminating in the event of a subpoena.

Employees were locked out of the buildings.

2. Self-fulfilling.

The correlation between feeling you’re right and actually being right is low to moderate.

1. We all think this.

Phone and internet providers start out solid and overtime purposefully make the product worse to encourage you to upgrade.

Also Comcast throttles the internet between 2am and 5 am. I’m a late nighter and it goes out without fail. When I call they say it’s my router, but that’s the only time it ever goes out.

Now they’ve got me thinking twice about some of these, not gonna lie.

What’s something you’re convinced is true, no matter what you can prove? Tell us about it in the comments!