16 People Who Thought They Had The Right Word But Definitely Didn’t

As a kid, one of the toughest things about being a big nerdy reader was that even though I knew the definition and spelling of just about every word I’d come across, I sometimes didn’t know how to say them out loud. This led to some serious embarrassment on a few occasions, one of which possibly scarred me for life.

These 16 people have the opposite problem, though – they’ve heard a word plenty of times and sure, they’re even using it right in a sentence, but it’s not spelled correctly. At all.

In fact, it’s a totally different word, and the results can be pretty amusing – just see for yourself!

16. I mean spelling is hard.

Maybe they don’t know there are two different ones.

since of humor from BoneAppleTea

15. OK but this is an easy mistake.

Not everyone reads Shakespeare, people!

Eyes of March from BoneAppleTea

14. I don’t think I’m going to eat that.

Leave that beef to his privacy!

Beef stroking off from BoneAppleTea

13. She was just going by the sound.

It doesn’t have to make sense, apparently.

Maternity Leaf 😅 from BoneAppleTea

12. Ohhh noooo this is a terrible error.

In a business message no less.

✨genital✨ reminder from BoneAppleTea

11. A blessing in the skies.

I kind of love it, not gonna lie.

A blessing in the skies from BoneAppleTea

10. You can’t print that word in the paper!

Come on now, use your head.

A B*tch You Worried from BoneAppleTea

9. I’d say keep reading.

It might take a few turns for it to all sink in.

You should always read the turns of service from BoneAppleTea

8. He’s spelling it out.

But…that’s two words and not one. Ha!

Eagle Testicle from BoneAppleTea

7. Why does this feel extremely appropriate?

Like, I’m lamenting even asking if I’m being honest.

Laments…. from BoneAppleTea

6. Otherwise it would just apply to women.


Salt in the womb from BoneAppleTea

5. No, you definitely shouldn’t.

That would be pretty creepy and weird if you did.

not for grandad from BoneAppleTea

4. That’s quite the confession for social media.

I mean. I guess you do you as long as everyone consents.

‘Currently I’m into essential oil diffusers and incest’ from BoneAppleTea

3. If so, I think it could chop some lactose.

I’m just saying.

Paper machete from BoneAppleTea

2. This perfectly describes mine.

I mean, I’m just saying.

I think I’m having an extra central crisis from BoneAppleTea

1. Have WHAT right away?

Don’t go leaving us hanging!

Right away from BoneAppleTea

I love mistakes like these because the people who made them are just so confident. It makes it that much better.

What’s a mistake like this that you’ve run across in your life? Tell us about it in the comments!