16 Things People Agree Are Jerk Moves

Everyone has their own pet peeves and things that just, for whatever reason, get under their skin. Usually, they’re pretty specific from person-to-person, but there are other things that, as a society, we’ve all agreed make you a jerk.

If you’re wondering  whether the things you think make people jerks are a you thing or an everyone thing, these 16 people have some suggestions on what makes someone a universal a$$hat.

16. That’s next level.

Robbing a blind person.

I work at a small pizza shop and a blind lady orders from us quite often, she ordered from another local shop a few days before.

Delivery driver showed up at her house and took her bills only to find out she had a bunch of ones and not fives. the other pizza shop driver stole her money and gave her incorrect change.

Boss found out and went over to that restaurant and talked to the guy who did it and got her money back.

15. What gives you the right?

Blocking someone’s driveway.

Guy parked his BMW 7 series blocking the entrance to the underground parking of my building. I called 311 (the city’s local help line) to report it, 3 minutes later a tow truck showed up.

As the tow truck pulled away, buddy comes running out of the restaurant in his pinstripes and chases after it as the truck drove down the block.

Truck kept going.

14. It will break your heart.

People who neglect their pets. just watched a video of a woman throwing her dog out of the car and leaving the dog with two amputated legs on the side of the road, she had another dog in the car but she only left the dog with amputated legs on the road.

What a very sad word we lived in.

13. With neighbors like that…

At my last apartment we had a garage and parking in my neighborhood was impossible to find–especially considering we’d work until 2:30am most nights.

Our neighbor got into the habit of blocking our garage, acting as though it was a spot. We left a note the first time, second time had to honk in the middle of the night to try and get them to realize we were home, which got the rest of our neighborhood pissed, and from then on out we just called the city to have them towed.

They mostly stopped parking in front of our garage after that.

Pretty sure they keyed my roommates car as retaliation though… Lovely neighborhood…

12. It defies gravity. And understanding.

Shitting on the seat of the toilet in a public place.

And the walls, and the floor, and the ceiling somehow…

11. Just be honest.

Lowering a wage from what was promised in the job description.

Or hiring someone telling them they’d be working full time and then telling them two days into work that they’d actually just be a floater for when anyone called in sick.

I quit after 3 days.

10. Weirdly targeted evil.

Those scam calls that target elderly people to steal their money. Such a weirdly targeted evil.

They almost got my sister in law who has severe mental disabilities. The teller at the bank suspected something.

9. If that doesn’t just boil your blood.

Eating food that is marked with someone’s name.

8. Be careful there.

Deliberately starting a wild fire

Edit: yes I’m aware that controlled burns are a good thing, it helps new forest grow and prevents wild fires from getting out of control, and are also used as a fire break. That wasn’t what I meant, more like starting a fire for the hell of it.

Edit 2: even a controlled burn can get out of hand. One Radiolab podcast detailed a controlled burn in Michigan that killed a firefighter and burned down 44 homes.

7. Hand’s down.

Abusing animals.

Special place in hell for those people.

6. They have nothing to do with it.

Getting mad at a cashier for the stores prices.. I’ve observed this multiple times.

Or yelling at any employee, in any customer service situation for things the company does that are beyond the employees control.

5. A series of rackets.

Publishing a new version of a textbook with a few changes, charging $350.00 for it, and making THE CURRENT VERSION the required book for the class.

And requiring an online access code for another $100 to complete the homework.

The US college system is just a series of rackets.

4. It’s usually someone you trust.

Stealing from someone who invites you into their home.

Edit: Thank you for all the upvotes and comments. It’s so sad reading about how it’s mostly family and “best friends” who do this.

It’s a different kind of betrayal, especially when the stolen item(s) are irreplaceable.

3. Not the fake close button!

Hiding the close button on Ads.

Making impossibly hard to cancel subscriptions.

Or making a fake close button that actually opens the ad.

2. They can’t fight back.

Beating and robbing old people.

I’ll add any helpless person. Elderly, child and disabled abuse is so sick.

1. It didn’t end well.

Invading Czechoslovakia after expressly promising not to.

Yeah, that was a mistake.

I think I agree with all of these, pretty much, do you?

What other universal ways are there to call yourself out as a jerk? If you don’t see it here, make your suggestion in the comments!