16 Things People Say Would Be Worse If They Were Invisible

Don’t you love when people ask questions that get you thinking about something you never would have considered on your own?

If you do, I hope you’re on Reddit because this is one of the things they do best – all sorts of questions, every single day, and answers that will make you reconsider your own.

For example, here are 16 things people believe would be worse if they were invisible.

16. You could just see right through.


But we would finally know who the true lizard people are at least!

Seriously we would probably look more like the most horrifying possible versions of the StayPuft marshmallow man because under most skin is subcutaneous fat, shot through with the small vessels and nerves you mention… so even more gross…

But most organs would stay hidden

15. Definitely more dangerous.


I love bears! It would be sad if we couldn’t see them 🙁

14. This sounds totally bizarre.

Newborns. Doctors playing on dark souls mode.

13. A smelly one.

Toilets. What a mess.

12. I would love to make them disappear.

Bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and termites.

11. I don’t even like thinking about this.


Like hydrogen fire. Easier to ignite and invisible. Loves to leak. Both as a gas and as a liquid. The liquid is halfway invisible (due to a very low refractive index) and has a lot of burning potential.

Folks at NASA use a simple way to verify that there’s some burning hydrogen leak: they use long handle brooms made from some plant material (like sorghum). When approaching suspect spot, first put the broom there. If there’s hydrogen fire, the broom will catch fire too, and most plant materials burn with a bright flame.

There’s some footage with guys walking around rockets and launch facilities with brooms. They’re not sweeping, they are carrying portable invisible flame detectors.

10. All of that.

Stop signs…. or bridges, like dang.

Imagine being on the freeway crossing a river and just having to trust that all the signs were accurate, yep just follow this road that magically ends to the other side of the river and linkup with the highway again, you’re not gonna die, you won’t fall off and drown or die on impact with the water.

But it would look super cool though all the cars and trucks just hurdling through the air

Oh also fire. Invisible fire would suck.

9. It’s bad enough as it is.


My irrational fear has always been getting hit by the worlds first invisible car. I’m 39. I live in the middle of nowhere.

8. Plus how could I drink my 64 oz a day?

Why has no one said water?! Water would be terrifying. Imagine not being able to see rain or floods or open water and even trying to drink it would be hard.

This would be terrifying, all those sea animals just swimming in invisible water.

7. This is my own personal nightmare.


Imagine only being able to hear them.

6. I have to agree.

Dog s*%t.

All s*%t. Did I wipe good? I have no idea, guess I’ll roll the dice again today

5. Already kind of invisible.

I had a cat who loved to be held and carried. He got more of that when he jumped into your arms, which is usually fine when you could see him. But he would also want attention at night when you were stumbling your way to the bathroom in the dark.

If you didn’t catch him, well, his claws were at throat height and he’s not going to let himself fall. We would have to blindly wave our arms in front of ourselves to deter him, or be attacked by a ninja.

4. Hmm. Sunlight is already kind of invisible?


If it were to somehow still illuminate the planet without being able to actually see it, that would be pretty cool. I kinda want to see a fully lit day with nice blue skies but without the sun being visible.

3. It’s almost that way already.

Close button on adds.

I’ve actually had it consistently happen to me before, you had to tap in the right place to get it to show up sometimes.

2. I would go crazy.

mosquitos. Imagine hearing that f**king sound, knowing what these little pests are going to do but never be able to see them.

1. I shudder to think about it.


As babies, they’re perfectly visible until they hit a certain age and then the vanish for a few years before suddenly reappearing as a child.

Y’all, I can’t stop thinking about this now.

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