18 People Confess The Thing They Desperately Want Right Now

Did you ever hear the thing about putting what you want out into the universe so you can give it a chance to come true? It’s a thing, I guess, and you know what?

I say it’s worth a shot.

These 18 people latched onto this Reddit thread and decided to do just that, and here are their confessions, out into the universe.

18. It’s so stressful.

Honestly, money.

The last 4 years have been an absolute nightmare, and I am literally teetering on broke, without any source of income.

17. Finding your passion can be hard.

Something I wanna do in life, that’s what I want.

16. All the good thoughts.

For the results to not be cancer. I’m struggling and very upset. I’m 43, have five sons and was told today I have a large mass on my liver.

I’m not a drinker. I’m not well. I’m scared.

15. To not have to make a choice.

My mom is dying and I am about to leave to go into an 8 week training program. If it put it off, it will hinder my future.

If I don’t, my mom will probably die while I am away. I would like it if she healed, got better, and made it through.

14. Two of life’s greatest joys.

A grilled cheese sandwich and a hug.

13. A lifelong pursuit.

To be at peace.

12. It hijacks your life.

An end to my chronic digestive disorder.

The birth of our first child triggered a flare up that’s been going on for almost a year now. It’s been hard.

Not a lot of people really understand how bad an illness like that can completely hijack your life, along with your whole family’s.

11. Keep searching.

A new job.

I’m currently battling some nasty kidney stones and am actually relieved because it got me out of a really abusive work site. By the time I’m done with this mess, the job should be complete, and I won’t have to go back there.

I hate working along contractors outside of my union.

10. So many understand this yearning.

Being wanted, having a partner.

I miss so much having someone lay with me at night

9. It’s been a wakeup call.

Feel like pandemic showed us all just how much we are wasting our lives with miserable soul sucking jobs. I was laid off for about 5 months and since I’ve been back in March I’ve never struggled so much to go to the office for any job.

I’ve been looking for a new one but every time I apply I just think “no I don’t want that either”.

8. Be brave.

Honestly I think I want to start dating again to try and find someone to be with too, haven’t been in a relationship since 2014, I broke up with my last girl friend because she didn’t believe in modern medicine and funnily enough the next year I found out I had brain cancer.

She called me while I was going through chemo to tell me I was making a mistake in getting chemo and that I should be seeking out natural methods for treating a tumor the size of a golf ball in my brain, so pretty sure I dodge a bullet there.

Since then I’ve just been recovering and rediscovering my self confidence again, surviving cancer can have a weird effect on you and it took me a while to get into a head space where I felt comfortable letting someone into my world again, but I feel like once the pandemic calms down and we can all socialize normally again, I would really like to try and date again.

7. Just a little break.

Rest and a sense of purpose. A will to live wouldn’t hurt, but I can go on without that for a while yet.

I want my existential dread to go away. I’ve had it since I was like 9 yrs old. (I’m 19 now).

6. A break from the grind.

A vacation where I’m laying on the beach and both my cell phones are dead.

I’m a social worker so my job gave me one phone I use for my clients and then the second phone is my personal phone.

Sounds odd but the kind of work I do I would not want my clients having my personal number lol.

5. A simple wish.

Someone to run their hands through my hair til I fall asleep.

4. So much work.

I want my sanity back. I’m tired of wishing I wasn’t around anymore. I’m tired of seeing so much hate in the world. I’m tired of being lonely and I’m too tired to do anything about it. I’m just so tired.

I just said all that to my therapist at my last session. It’s unimaginable to me that people can have thoughts of ending things that they don’t want to have, and actively try to push away, yet there they are.

3. It’s harder than it sounds.

To be completely debt free.

Just because of the sheer volume of Dave Ramsey comments, I’d like to clarify that I am handling my debt, I just wish it was already gone. I am familiar with Ramsey’s methodologies.

2. We all deserve it.

Reducing the amount of medication i take.

So basically health.

1. Let it all out.

Just a few days or something, to forget about everything and get my sleep schedule to normal, and cry for a few days.

Do some things I like and not having to worry about people around me being an a$$ to me.

I hope we all get the thing that we want and need, friends.

What are you desperately hoping will happen? Share it with us in the comments!