These 13 People Angered the Universe and Karma Took Her Revenge

Image Credit: Reddit

The universe works in mysterious ways, but if there’s one thing that seems to be true across the board, it’s that it really doesn’t like to be screwed with indefinitely.

Now, I’m sure you can think of far too many examples of terrible people who seem to be rewarded for their debauchery, thievery, and the like, but to you I say just wait.

Karma comes for everyone eventually, a fact these 13 people can confirm.

13. The look on her face.

Like she’s really trying to hide her sh%t-eating grin, but just can’t quite manage.

12. Does it make me a bad person if I’m still laughing?

Don’t answer that.

Reverse brick from instantkarma

11. Bonus, now he has chocolate.

Everyone watching was secretly cheering, I can promise you that.

Respect your mother. from instantkarma

10. You never know who’s watching online.

But you can go ahead and assume it’s everyone.

Image Credit: Twitter

9. That is QUITE the story.

Talk about instant karma. Yeesh.

Image Credit: Twitter

8. First of all, how can a cop not use a gun?

Second of all, if you try to shoot a dog I don’t care what happens to you.

Instant from instantkarma

7. Why would you want to ruin some harmless winter fun like that?

That’s what you get, sir.

Snowman 1, Driver 0 from instantkarma

6. Why does that right one look like a modeling shot?

What is he looking at?

5. I’m no expert, but I think this makes her a crappy teacher.

Also a crappy human being.

Bye Bye from instantkarma

4. Well this is awkward.

Did he not notice? Or?

Hit and Run Driver Forgot Something from IdiotsInCars

3. Be nice to everyone.

The advice that really never goes bad.

One plate of karma coming up from instantkarma

2. That’s called being owned, my friends.

In case you were confused.

Goddamn hypocrites from instantkarma

1. The expression on his face really says it all.

That’s called a citizen’s arrest, my friends. I hope it catches on.

Mayor dishes out karma on litterer from instantkarma

I hope they all learned their lessons, but sadly, I doubt that’s the case.

Have you ever witnessed a particularly satisfying moment of karmic revenge? Tell us about it in the comments!