16 Totally Creepy Things That Are Also Totally Legal

I was talking with a friend the other day about how literally every girl could tell you the story of the middle or high school teacher everyone knew was a creeper. And sure, the other teachers probably knew, too, but that being creepy wasn’t a crime.

Which got me thinking, what else that’s creepy isn’t a crime? And of course, Reddit has the answers – 16 of them, in fact, that might turn your stomach more than a little bit.

16. It’s definitely icky.

Parents using their kids for money.

My ‘favorite’ is when parents of autistic kids post shocking videos of their overwhelmed, distraught children having meltdowns under the guise of awareness.

It’s a bit horrific how little privacy kids get these days, especially when they’re not aware of the full consequences that content can have for them.

15. Ripped from the headlines.

Going on a vacation with your fiancé only to return home alone and immediately lawyer up and not answer questions about their whereabouts.

RIP Gabby.

14. Definitely qualifies.

Sniffing the hair of the lady who fell asleep on the train.

13. Totally inappropriate.

Calling your child “s^xy.”

Right up there with moms who don’t seem to understand that their son is not their boyfriend.

What kind of weirdo threatens their son’s spouse/girlfriend with the line “the first t*ts he loved were MINE.”

12. Also expensive.

My dad is currently in an injury case against his old job. There’s been a car outside his house filming him for the last couple months trying to catch him doing compromising things to disprove his injuries.

That’s very creepy.

11. They definitely have a vibe.

Family YouTube channels.

10. Mistakes were made.

Saying, “Think of yourselves as sisters” when introducing a much younger new wife to one’s adult daughter. My father-in-law did this.

My FiL was in his late fifties, his new bride in her early twenties, which was indeed younger than his daughter (my wife). As creepy as his comment was (made on first introduction as we all stood there in my doorway after they showed up unannounced), I don’t think he consciously meant to imply the incestuous subtext.

It was more like he was crowing about how he had attracted such a young wife. But his emotional intelligence and self-awareness were exactly that low that he could say such a thing.

He was a really difficult person in general. In the end, the marriage was short and tumultuous, with him eventually accusing her of physical abuse and theft. I think they were both using each other, and they both got more than they bargained for.

9. This is a thing?

Leaving a piece of your body behind for your future generations.

My great great grandpa did this by having his skull removed and turned into a goblet for his daughter/ my great grandma.

Lasted about a few years before someone stole it..

8. How, though?

In some states, it’s actually legal to take upskirt pictures with your smartphone, as long as they are wearing panties.

Super creepy as hell.

I only know this because a judge ruled a guy innocent for doing just that because of a law that was worded a certain way. No clue if the law has changed to include upskirt pics.

7. He’s a hero.

A national newspaper having a countdown for when a child actress becomes “legal” for s^x.

Answers to questions that will surely come. ….Yes. The Sun (UK). Emma Watson.

I loved that interview with Daniel Radcliffe. He was doing a play that had some s^xual content and he was asked if he found it unusual to be s^xualised at such a young age (think he was around 18-19 at the time).

His response was that “they had no problem doing it to Emma Watson”.

6. I’m laughing even though I shouldn’t be.

“Nobody is saying you can’t eat a banana Terry, but you can’t just stand on a street corner for 30 minutes and suck on it, you have to actually take a bite.”

I like bananas. I eat them a lot at work with lunch. In the military, I learned that when eating a banana, it’s okay if you bring the banana to your face. Not the other way around.

Go ahead, try it. Bonus points if you make eye contact with someone while your mouth is slightly open with the banana headed for it. Never gets old.

5. Some personal space, man!

Using the urinal next to me when there were plenty of other choices.

How would you feel if the guy walks up to the urinal next to you and then, mid-stream looks right at you and says “Hey… nice watch.”? How uncomfortable is that?

4. He was probably already creepy, though.

Using a laser rangefinder to ensure you stay outside the effective radius of a restraining order.

Fortunately for the plaintiff, when the respondent is continually staying just outside of the distance specified in an order of protection it IS illegal and provides just-cause to get arrested.

3. Do not do this.

Technically, you can stand on the sidewalk and stare into someone’s house through a window.

It’s not illegal as long as you stay off of their property, but it’s really freaking creepy.

2. Is this…true?

 believe the act of cannibalism itself is legal so long as you didn’t murder anyone to do it. If your homie gives you his arm to gnaw on, it’s fair game.

Some dude lost his foot in an accident and somehow was allowed to bring it home after it was amputated. Fucker fried it up and invited his friends over and they ate foot tacos.

1. Gives you a bad feeling, right?

When I was a child, we had a creepy horrible neighbor that would harass my family constantly. One of the things he did was stand at the corner of his yard and videotape me playing in a pool with my friends (we were around 8).

My parents called the police but were told that it’s legal if he’s on his property.

The world is a creepy place, y’all. Be safe out there.

What’s something else that belongs on this list? Drop it in our comments if you’ve got on!