18 Things That Were Super Hyped Up And Then Flopped

It can be super disappointing when you hear about something like a movie or a new product over and over again, only to buy the thing and realize it’s a total piece of crap.

I imagine it’s also disappointing for the people who created said thing, though maybe they knew from the beginning it was crap and they were hedging their bets.

Here are 18 things people think fit this bill, so let’s all be angry together again, eh?

18. What even was it?

Juicero. The ultimate culmination of unicorn companies that make no sense.

I didn’t and still don’t understand how that thing got so much investment. It wasn’t a juicer, It was a packet presser.

17. Now we just use them on vacation.

When the Segway came out I remember an expert on Good Morning America saying that they would design cities around it in the future, instead of cars.

Before it was called a Segway it was referred to as ‘the thing’ and new information about it was treated like f**king nuclear codes.

16. Huge disappointment.

Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s safe on live tv.

It was empty.

15. It was mostly just annoying.

Google+. It stayed in invitation only phase for way too long. By the time it was open to everyone, people forgot about it and it flopped.

They also forced you to use it if you had any other kind of google account so people naturally resisted it. What they didn’t understand is that people use other social media websites if they have something unique to offer.

Unfortunately now it seems like every social media site is copycatting each other.

14. It was horrible.

The 2018 Slender Man movie I remember before it came out it had like a 92% want to see on rotten tomatoes after it came out it got a 17% liked it

Honestly the movie shouldn’t have been PG13. An R rating (which as far as I know was actually the original focus) would’ve been much better, as then the movie would’ve been more like the creepypasta and not like a child’s fanfiction. It sucks the R rating was cut but “wOUlD sOMeOnE tHiNK oF tHE ChIlDrEN?????????????”

13. Who wants to wear those glasses everywhere?

I still remember 3D TVs were supposed to be the next “technological leap” or something. Even the World Cup was broadcasted in 3D.

Then it just died out.

Not just TV, but that era where every movie had a 3D version in theatres. As someone who wore glasses and is nearsighted, I was never able to watch them.

12. No one was buying it.

That David Copperfield special where he “made the statue of liberty disappear”.

The one thing I’ll never forget from that: they interviewed some older women and she said, “I’ve never seen a Statue of Liberty disappear like that one did!”

11. It’s all a lie.

Crystal Pepsi.

Crystal Pepsi taught me that everything is a lie. If they can make Pepsi clear or whatever color they want, then what other lies have I been led to believe?

10. What was that all about?


To this day I cannot believe it even got that much hype and money during the kickstarter campaign. Even in the initial pitch it didn’t seem that impressive or interesting so thankfully, I decided to wait until it was out.

Never ended up buying one, obviously.

9. They prefer a box.

Every single toy my wife has bought for the cat.

We just got a cat and every single toy I’ve bought, it plays with it like crazy for the first hour then it acts like it doesn’t exist any more.

8. You can’t best the original.

The dark universe (the mummy).

I saw that movie with absolutely no idea they were trying to start this off and was so frigging confused when Dr Jekyll turns up out of nowhere for no reason.

I still don’t understand why they didn’t have Van Helsing or some descendant of his run the secret monster hunter agency. That seems like such a no brainer.

7. Rob Lowe is still into it.

Atkins diet-esque food items at fast food restaurants in like 2008 or whatever it was. They came and they went like the wind

I remember KFC tried to get in the game at the time by claiming their chicken was healthy because it was low in carbs. That went down like a lead balloon

6. Old Coke is still the best.

As any good 80’s kid can tell you, New Coke…

The level of hype vs how hard it flopped dwarfs everything else in this thread.

5. We’re all still waiting.

The big Government will reveal all UFO information couple months back.

4. Out in the wild.

I remember google glasses were supposed to be the next big thing but let me tell you I haven’t seen a single pair out in the wild

They were never released to the public, I believe there were only a handful of developer editions

3. Definitely didn’t go as planned.

The Nivelle Offensive

It was hyped to win WW1 for France in 48 hours. Instead it was so bad that it started a mutiny, got Nivelle fired, and had casualty numbers an order of magnitude higher than expected.

2. We saved them for nothing.

TY beanie babies. Everyone thought they were going to be rich when I was in high school.

I put a new coat of some all-weather sealant on this lady’s playground set for her little kids. I was 13, it was summer, got, and she asked my dad if I could help her out.

6 hours later, she pays me with one single beanie baby.

“This is gonna be worth a lot of money one day. Your afternoon of work has made you rich as an adult.”

1. A bizarre time.

Kony 2012.

That was such a bizarre time. Suddenly everyone on my FB feed was posting a half hour youtube video calling for military intervention in Africa.

Why are there so many things that happen like this?

What’s missing from this list? Share your ides with us in the comments!