16 Women Reveal The Thing They And Their Friends “Never” Tell Men

There’s a perception that women have all of these secrets that men will never know or never understand, but for the most part, I feel like that’s an invented assumption.


I honestly have no idea but I’m sure it has something to do with the patriarchy. Heh.

These 16 women say there are some things, though, that a majority of men might never know about women as a whole – unless they read this thread.

So get going!

16. It’s one of nature’s mysteries.

That many men have been blessed with perfectly thick, long, luscious eyelashes and us girls are a bit jelly of that fact.

15. Yeah we don’t talk about that.

How much blood comes out and the jelly-like stuff during our periods.

14. We’re emotional, but that’s not why we’re mad at you.

Hormones not only mess with us during our period, but they mess us up the week before too. Premenstrual hormones, for me anyway, almost affect me more than the hormones during the cycle.

I hate it when I’m being emotional and someone asks if I’m on my period. No. By the time my period gets here I’m already back to normal. “Are you starting soon?” Would be a more valid question.

13. We’ve all been there.

the entire time you were talking to me I was bleeding through my tampon and didnt follow a word you said because im wondering if I have another f**king tampon in my bag

12. No one is looking in there.

The tampon box in the closet is where I hid the good chocolate.

11. It just looks like effort.

When I wear my hair in certain ways it means I’ve not gotten the chance to wash it in a while.

always so funny when i have my hair in french/dutch braids and someone compliments them but all i can think is “you have no idea how badly i need to wash that”

10. Hygiene is important.

The reason why we don’t want you to go down on us. Usually it’s because we don’t feel clean.

I had to have this conversation with my husband. He was super understanding about it. Now if he wants to be a little adventurous but I’ve had an “eventful” day, I’ll just tell him I need to go rinse off first, which is code for washing my crotch and a$$.

He gets it.

9. It’s a strange phenomenon.

Specifically what was discussed in the bathroom.

That’s like the perfect spot to talk about everything

8. Because those things are heavy!

We hold our boobs when running down the stairs.

Catch me sprinting down the stairs like a crazed reindeer doin the full arm titty scoop so I can jump those last 6 stairs without discomfort.

7. We should tell them more, tbh.

Lot of things to do with birth and babies. I was shocked at how little my bf, who has only brothers, knew about birth and he was shocked at how much I did know.

Realised it’s because mothers, aunts, sisters, female cousins, friends and co-workers will get into the details around other women but if there’s a man around its handwaved.

Eg “I had to pump for two hours yesterday, it was so painful cos my nipples are chapped and bleeding and some blood got in the milk so it’s a bit pink. Look I took a photo. Apparently it’s fine. He’s having issues latching. One time I finally got him to latch and then I had to s*%t so I had to s*%t while feeding him and I have haemorrhoids from the birth so wiping was so difficult and so painful I started crying”.

Man walks in

“Yeah feeding can be tricky”.

6. His wife let the cat out of the bag.

My wife confirmed a post I saw awhile back on Reddit that I never knew.

Apparently, when a girl farts, sometimes the fart rolls into their vagina instead of backwards.

You’ll never be the same now

5. Happens to the best of us.

Sometimes when we pee we get more than one pee stream, just like you.

Like I just sat and peed, why do I have to wipe my ass and part of my thigh now too?

4. Like grim death.

My favorite or most flattering jeans will be reworn with different shirts forever, until they rip or I can’t fit into them anymore.

3. Why do we do it?

We remove hair a lot more than just our legs, bikini, and armpits.

It differs for us all. Stomachs, sideburns, upper lip, chin, nose, nipples, chest, feet, toes, arms. Pretty much anywhere men grow hair.. we got it. Always great when it’s just peach fuzz. But not always the case!

2. No one finds it amusing.

That hopeful jokes about ‘taking the dirt track when the river runs red’ are laughably naive.

When your stomach is rock hard, bloated and tender to touch, cramps like your insides are being pulled out and you’re actually sore from how vigorously your bowels have decided to move the second the other exit started endlessly bleeding – I can tell you now. The last thing I want is a c**k rammed up my arse.

1. That’s an understatement.

Our favorite bra doesn’t get washed as much.

As a woman, I would say that most of things ring true.

If you also identify as a woman, chime in with your own thoughts in the comments!